World Harmony Day 2004 & 2005

World Harmony Day 2004

We Almost Did Not Make It!

“In our time a secret manifesto is being written. Its language is a longing we see in one another’s eyes.
It is the longing to know our authentic vocation in the world, to find the work and the way of being that belong to each of us.I speak of the declaration of our right to self-discovery.”

– Theodore Roszak

Annually, on World Harmony Day, we discover our true self. For WHD 2004, after just five days with 20 passionate people consisting total strangers, assembled at Yogi-hub and pooled in collective strength, it shows you what you can achieve just with a ‘belief’.

The event held at Suntec City in 20th Feb. 2004 was very challenging. In fact, it came so close to not happening at all. This is because my mother Sunflower and I were both exhausted and tired and hardly had any energy to go on.

Initially questioning the validity and actual impact of the event, besides just being a day of lighting of candles and standing for peace and harmony, we were fortunately proved wrong.

A few friends (kindred spirits as we would like to call them) were moved by the idea and started the ball rolling. Just ten days before the big day we met to organize it with concerned friends who thought that this endeavor was a lovely one and shall not die off.

Therefore, with the grace and help from them we managed to pull this one off. The fact that everyone met frequently and poured out their hearts to tie things together, making WHD 2004 a reality, touched our hearts.

The togetherness and unity only illustrates the nature of WHD being an experience of total harmony. When there is belief and faith, beautiful things can happen. So we are totally blessed to carry this event forward to the next step of marking yet another year.

Without corporate sponsors or any financial backing for that matter, a positive and very heart-warming event is indeed a miracle.

We didn’t even know most of the people, just like the people who had attend that night that is the power of the human spirit. This means we all can make a difference; we all can show we care. We did not say that we can change the entire world… but at least through WHD event we tried to make a difference! And we will continue to ‘Make A Difference’, no matter how small the difference is!

The world has many problems and many philanthropists are throwing money to organize people and resources to manage these problems … Comparing to them, we pale in our scale and resources, but our hearts shine! Thus, the 2 mins peace silence marked another collective mass observation for Harmony and unity.


World Harmony Day 2005

This Night Is Dedicated To The “Tsunami Remembrance Ceremony”

Worldharmony Day 2005 was also held again at Suntec City and we really have to thank the sponsors Suntec City for granting us the right to use the venue at the Fountain of Wealth.

One might think that the name brings about prosperity and growth. But I must point out that it is a little ironic since WHD 2005 was done for the Tsunami victims and a love movement was even included for the cause but the flow of the water at the fountain only served to remind us of the tragedy that befell South East Asia. Which added a very much sober touch to the event, having said that it is also just as important to recognize the peace that we have and appreciate our surroundings back here in home in the midst of the reflection.

WHD 2005 had many more partners and supporters from World Vision to Nanyang Academy. It was a brilliant experience to see people unite and open their hearts to reach out to express their concern. The 2 mins peace silence was a symbolic expression of everyone from all different organizers getting together to stand as ONE. Translating ultimately the key essence of the massage Peace Unity Harmony


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