UN Must Fall for Freedom to Live!


MESSAGE FROM MY POWERFUL FRIENDS:) – http://sunflowerchongsunwah.com/asshole-yuval-1st-bitch-bald/

The July 4th Creaming – Sunflower’s World Independence Day

Published on Jul 3, 2017

Our brave and beautiful Sunflower once again exposes the Zionist Joos and the UN’s role in supporting these evil devils who will draw us into World War 3 if we don’t fight and resist them. You can read more at: http://www.thepoisonappleoftheworld.c… The UN must be replaced by Sunflower’s Harmonious Nations of the World concept and she asks all of you to declare your Independence from evil Zionist Joos like Miriam and Sheldon Adelson and the disgusting Chow Chi Bai whores, The Zionist Women Forever Group! Happy 4th of July “Independence from Zionism” Day!


Now, Smelly Cunt Miriam Adelson, you think you have the power to destroy our world? Well, you can dream on, you Chow Chi Bai Bitch! There is a God connecting all humanity to defeat evil people like you! And we will get our world back no matter what! See, your email by courier is sent to me by God Almighty!

On Saturday, June 10, 2017, 11:16:12 PM GMT+8, hair_dresser<hair_dresser@yahoo.com> wrote:

Dearest Sunflower and All,

Janie came up with a solution to the attacks by the Bitches on her computer and e-mail….and here is what I got from Janie:

Sunflower Sister, you are making progress in your battle against Zionism and we encourage you to keep fighting and keep creaming. We intercepted a message from the Zionist Women Forever and have decrypted it below for your knowledge. Please stay strong and keep using the same tactics, you are a true Freedom Fighter.

Our Zionist Women Forever support network is a disaster after that Singaporean Bitch surprised us with the creaming! We had no time for the Zionist Clamp Software and now it is too late to apply it. You idiots were supposed to be monitoring her activity and you missed this! We need to do something after receiving this letter by courier from Miriam (she does not trust e-mail). You need to send us a plan to stop this prostitute from causing more trouble after you read the letter. This is what we received:

From the desk of Dr. Miriam Adelson

You promised me that you had the Singaporean Bitch under control. Now she has done the Creaming attacking Sheldon and me. Our credibility has been eroded by her actions and I don’t want to see this happen again! She has publicly humiliated me and I will not tolerate your team dropping the ball anymore. We have important work to do for Israel and Zionism.

So, this is what you will do; you will not let this Creaming business happen again! If I see another Creaming by this Chinese Whore, and she mentions my name and talks about me, I will select one of you seven women to have your head shaved bald by the Israeli Women you were supposed to send to Singapore. None of you will know which one is going to have her head shaved and suffer public humiliation by having to report to my offices afterward, so you all better do everything you can to prevent any more of these Creamings by the Goyim Sunflower!


Anonymous Documentary: Rockefeller’s Elite Created The UN To Support The NWO

Published on Jan 9, 2017

Anonymous Documentary: Rockefeller’s Elite Created The UN To Support The NWO. Why we hate Rockefeller and the elite?
In this latest 2017 anonymous message, we expose the United Nations and how they created the new world order. We also tell you why we hate David Rockefeller and the Elite. As you saw in our other video, the end of David Rockefeller and the depopulation experiment, we hate him a lot.
Question is, after Donald Trump gets into office, will he do something to end the new world order or will he simply be part of it too?
Will the Elites, the Rothschild family, the Rockefeller family be able to get Donald Trump, future president of the United States, to cooperate with the Elite?
In this video you will see what symbols the illuminati use and how the new world order was created and who runs it now. Anonymous updates you so you can be awake and informed. The end of the elite and the new world order might come sooner than expected.
However, economic collapse could also happen in 2017.


President Putin & President Xi Will Make the World Right!!

The Whole World Stands by Palestine and will ‘Fuck illegal israel!!

Scumbag Satanyahu A Danger To The World!!

President Duterte will not allow Rotschild Zionism to start WW3!!

THE DEEP STATE – 50 Year Old Recording Explains Why The World Is Going Crazy

Jeff Bezos, Founder of Amazon, Owner of Washington Post, Is Seen As Key Player in ‘Deep State’ https://needtoknow.news/2017/05/jeff-bezos/

Wajahat Ali- Israel Lobby Ties to Islamophobia                                           http://www.brasschecktv.com/videos/bad-guys-1/who-funds-racist-experts.html


Everybody dies but not everybody lives


Anonymous – Message for all of Humanity II

My Dream is to Dismantle United Nations and replace it with Harmonious Nations

“Whoever Follows a Path in the pursuit of knowledge Allah will make a path to Jannah easy for him.”– Prophet Muhammad Sal Allaho Allahi Was sallam

226 – The UN & the Occult Agenda / Total Onslaught – Walter Veith


The United Nations that was established on 24 October 1945 after World War II in order to prevent another such conflict. At its founding, the UN had 51 member states; there are now 193.

The UN divided Palestine in 1948, illegal Israel got 55%, and the Palestinians, the original owners of the land, got only 45%. That 45% land was separated into 2 parts, Gaza and the West Bank. Israeli Politician Calls For Genocide Of Palestinians The Owners of the land, the Palestinian people, did not agree to the division and did not sign an agreement like in the 1993 Oslo Peace Accord. How can Israel be a state when the original owner did not give permission to the thieves who stole their land? Let’s face the truth, even with a signed Agreement, and even if it was recognized worldwide, the bloody evil Zionist Joos did not honor it, so how can the world recognize ‘illegal Israel’ as a state? And they are a terrorist state, and terrorists must never be recognized, and they must never be given a state!

My mother said that UN was created to give legitimacy to ‘illegal Israel’ and as long as the world does not make this wrong right there will be No Peace & Harmony in the entire world because Justice must prevail! Making it right mean ‘illegal israel’ must be named Palestine which was its original name.


Why Palestine Is Still the Issue

Mustafa Barghouti, whose eloquence remains undimmed, who described the tolerance that existed in Palestine among Jews, Muslims and Christians until, as he told me,

“the Zionists wanted  a state at the expense of the Palestinians.”

Among young people, internationalism has found a vast new audience. Look at the support for Jeremy Corbyn and the reception the G20 circus in Hamburg received. By understanding the truth and imperatives of internationalism, and rejecting colonialism, we understand the struggle of Palestine.

Mandela put it this way:

“We know only too well that our freedom is incomplete without the freedom of the Palestinians.”

At the heart of the Middle East is the historic injustice in Palestine. Until that is resolved, and Palestinians have their freedom and homeland, and Israelis are Palestinians equality before the law, there will be no peace in the region, or perhaps anywhere.

What Mandela was saying is that freedom itself is precarious while powerful governments can deny justice to others, terrorize others, imprison and kill others, in our name. Israel certainly understands the threat that one day it might have to be normal.


Top Ten Myths about the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict



Stephen Brackens Brinkley to People’s Podium on Palestine

Have you ever wondered why Israel is constantly demanding that their “right to exist” be acknowledged by the indigenous Palestinian people?

The truth is this. Israel has absolutely “no right to exist”. Under International Law, there is no legitimacy to the claim made by the Israelis of their “right to exist”.

Israel knows this and this is the reason their first and paramount demand for any conflict resolution is that their “right to exist” be recognized.

There is only one way, and one way only, for Israel to gain legitimacy to their claim of the”right to exist” on Palestinian land. That is for the ones who were dispossessed of their land in the creation of Israel to confer it upon them.

The Balfour declaration cannot grant it, neither can the United Nations Resolution of 1947.

The only ones who can give Israel the legitimacy and recognition of its claim of its “right to exist” are those people who were dispossessed of their land.

THE NWO HAS YOU BENT OVER!!!                                                                                                           http://www.con-tru.com/spotlight/the-nwo-has-you-bent-over

Liberal Jews, Sex and The New Satanic Order                     http://thisiszionism.blogspot.sg/2009_08_01_archive.html

Putin: The West is Controlled by Satanic Pedophiles



Published on Jan 10, 2017

A SGTreport.com micro-doc.

In a recent Christmas speech, the most maligned man on the planet exposed the plot to destroy America and the West.


New World Order NWO Explanation How we got to United Nations 2030 Globalization New World Order

Published on Oct 22, 2015

New World Order NWO Explanation How we got to United Nations 2030 Globalization New World Order Transforming our world the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development https://sustainabledevelopment.un.org… NWO United Nations Earth Federation Constitutionhttp://worldparliament-gov.org/consti… United Nations USA joins peacekeeping Force it is really called Global Police http://www.worldproblems.net/english/… Breaking News October 5 2015 http://beforeitsnews.com/alternative/… Obama Administration and UN Announce “GLOBAL POLICE FORCE” to Fight “Extremism” IN USA CITIES – Loretta Lynch Attorney General announced before the United Nations in collaboration with several USA cities, will form a global law enforcement initiative called the Strong Cities Network. This is the implementation of UN rules and laws on US soil, bypassing Congress and circumventing the Constitution http://pamelageller.com/2015/10/obama…


THE TEN STRATEGIES – Alice Bailey, New Age Guru

1) Push god out of the schools. If the people grow up without reference to God then they will consider God irrelevant to day to day life. In the last fifty years this has happened. God is irrelevant to most people.

2) Break the Traditional Judaeo-Christian Family Concept. Break communication between parents and children so that parents can’t pass on spiritual values to their children. Do this by pushing excessive child rights.

3) Remove restrictions on sex. Sex is the biggest joy and Christianity robs people of this. People must be freed to enjoy it without restrictions. It’s not just for married. It’s for everyone.

4) Since sex is the greatest expression of man’s enjoyment of life, man must be free to express sex in All its forms. Homosexuality, orgies, even bestiality are desirable so long as on one is being abused or harmed.

5) People must be free to abort unwanted children. If a man can have sex and then live without consequences then the same should be true for a woman too. A woman must have the right to abort an unwanted child.

6) Every people develop soul bonds, so when a soul bond wears out a person must be free to divorce. When one starts to grow, one must be free to get together with that person even if they are married.

7) Defuse religious radicalism. Christianity says JESUS IS THE ONLY WAY. Defuse this by a) silencing Christianity and by promoting other faiths (the creation of interfaith harmony)

8) Use the media to influence Mass Opinion. Create mass opinion that is receptive to these values by using TV, film, the press, etc. (NB what western believers call normal in the African church would be pornography)

9) Debase art in all its form. Corrupt music, painting, poetry and every expression of the heart and make is obscene, immortal and occultist. Debase the arts in every way possible.

10) Get the church to endorse every one of these nine strategies. Get the church to accept these principles and to say they’re OK (then legal ground is given for these values to get a foothold.

Rotschild Zionism Masterplan

So now you know the Rotschild Zionism Masterplan for the UN! For your knowledge, if you are still “asleep”, the UN was created by Rotschild Zionism to give legitimacy to Israel! Their god is Satan and their mission is to bring about a New World Order to control humanity. And, if we 7 billion remain asleep, they will win because we cannot depend on our leaders to save us. Most of the world leaders have sold their souls to these Zionist devils, including our own!!

Do you know why they hide God from Humanity?  When you believe there is a God, you will automatically be guided by your conscience. You know what is right and wrong and no one needs to tell you or teach you; it’s ignited in your soul. And a good example is this; people with the conscience will stand by Palestine! And stand against evil Rotschild Zionism!

To save the world was not a dream that I had when I was a young child, but I felt the need to save the world when I saw that Capitalism has replaced God!  I embrace spirituality and live a simple lifestyle in order to save my soul and so that I can save the souls of my children from the capitalist onslaught. To reach God, I must keep walking this journey because my teacher said that one day I will see the light as long as I don’t give up!


The U.N. Deception (Full)


Truth Behind UNITED NATION – Full Documentary (Part 1)


Truth Behind UNITED NATION – Full Documentary (Part 2)


United Nations: A Look Into The Future – Part 3


A Second Look At the United Nations [1964]


The UN – United Nations Exposed: Who Is In Control?


ARE YOU READY TO LEAVE THE U.N. AND THEIR AGENDA?https://themarshallreport.wordpress.com/2016/06/27/are-you-ready-to-leave-the-u-n-and-their-agenda/

BREXIT = DEATH to EU and Soon NATO & UN!!                     http://www.palestinebedrockoftheworld.com/brexit-death-to-eu-and-soon-nato-un/

President Duterte Kicks Rothschilds Out Of Philippines


Duterte: US tells us what to do, threatens to cut assistance (EXCLUSIVE)

Published on Nov 28, 2016

The Philippines is not yet ready for new military alliances, but in the wake of disagreements with the US, will cooperate with “new friends” Russia and China to make the world a more peaceful place.
Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte spoke with RTD’s Marina Kosareva in an exclusive interview.

Explosion Hits Market in Davao in Southern Philippines, after Philippines president tells the truth about US & UN                                                                                 http://www.inspiretochangeworld.com/2016/09/explosion-hits-market-davao-southern-philippines-philippines-president-tells-truth-us-un/ 

‘I don’t give a sh*t about them’: Philippines president threatens to leave ‘stupid’ UN

 Published on Aug 22, 2016

Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte has threatened that the country could leave the UN after the organization urged the Asian nation to stop executing and killing people linked to the drug business and threatened that “state actors” could be punished.

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