Fact-Checking the Report Used by UK to Press Allies to Expel Russian Diplomats


Brzezinski’s Heritage: West Wants Total Partition and Defeat of Russia – Analyst

Skripal case is a carefully-constructed drama’ – John Pilger


The British Empire is Now Fully Exposed, It Must Be Crushed!


Nearly 160 countries outside ‘Western bloc’ want to see proof in Skripal case – Russia’s UK embassy

Salisbury nerve agent attack: Kremlin says UK must prove it did not poison spy

Evidence first: Several European countries refuse to follow UK lead in Russia diplomat expulsions

Erdoğan: We do not follow “let’s do the same” approach

Austria refuses to expel Russian diplomats as EU countries jump on UK-led bandwagon

“Vienna chose not to expel Russian diplomats as a response to the poisoning of double agent Sergei Skripal, saying it wants to keep dialogue with Moscow open. Some European opposition figures say the move will only create problems.”

Who Joined, Who Abstained From London’s Diplomat Expulsion Extravaganza

Center-right Italian coalition slams govt over Russian diplomat expulsion – “last backlashes of enslaved government”


NYTimes Presents Proof That Russia Murdered Ex-Spy With Chemicals


Russian MoD Says A234 Nerve Agent Allegedly Used Against Skripal Developed in US

MPs retweet claim that Porton Down scientists can’t identify nerve agent as Russian

BOMBSHELL: British Scientists Balked at Pressure to Link Nerve Gas to Russia

Russian MoD Says A234 Nerve Agent Allegedly Used Against Skripal Developed in US

Skripal Case: It Looks Like Mrs. May Has Some Explaining to Do!



Theresa May prepared to use nuclear weapons against Russia – You Bloody Bitch going to rot in HELL!!




US expulsion of Russian diplomats is ‘declaration of war’ – George Galloway to RT

Hot Take: Top Russian/Israeli Experts Worried That Putin Might be Too SOFT on West


Kremlin urges ‘cool-headedness’ and to wait for evidence on ex-spy’s poisoning from London

Lavrov: ‘Rest Assured, We Will Respond’

Russian Foreign Ministry – МИД России added 6 new photos.
14 hrs ·
The Kommersant newspaper has found the notorious classified files, that were the ground for the decision taken by the US & EU countries to deport Russian diplomats while agreeing with the accusations against Russia about its alleged involvement in the so-called Skripal case made by London. Those, that the US Ambassador to Russia, Mr. John Huntsman even called “highly convincing”. Only 6 pictures were needed to take decision on one country’s responsibility for a gas attack. You can evaluate by yourself, whether those files are enough – the pictures are attached.

Posted by Russian Foreign Ministry – МИД России on Tuesday, March 27, 2018


Nerve agent that poisoned Skripal left on his front door – UK police

Russian spy: Yulia Skripal ‘conscious and talking’

Russian Spy Poisoned In UK Offered To Give Evidence That MI6 Created “Trump Dossier”

Published on Mar 17, 2018

A fascinating new Security Council (SC) report circulating in the Kremlin today detailing the events surrounding the alleged ..…



Scotland Must Defend Carla Ponsati; Sturgeon Cannot Play Pontius Pilate 224

Russian envoy thanks 1st responder to ‘reckless’ Skripal poisoning, assures him Moscow not involved


Britain’s ultimatum to Russia BACKFIRES, NATO and EU allies reject demands for action on Skripal

New evidence has left Theresa May’s Russian spy story in tatters


‘Don’t take the words of the British for granted’ – Russia’s UK envoy on Skripal case

‘No way’ nerve agent could escape UK lab? Russia demands info on Porton Down toxin research

Nobody has the right to insult us: Envoy reminds UK of Russia’s sacrifice to defeat Nazism

LONDON, March 22. /TASS/. Russian Ambassador to the UK Alexander Yakovenko has slammed British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson’s statement as unacceptable and irresponsible, in which he compared the forthcoming Russia-hosted FIFA World Cup to the 1936 Olympic Games in Nazi Germany.

“Moscow believes that a foreign minister is not in a position to make such unacceptable and totally irresponsible statements. No one has the right to insult the Russian people, who defeated Nazism and sacrificed more than 25 million lives in that fight, by comparing our country to Nazi Germany,” the ambassador said at a press conference in London on Thursday


Four Days to Declare a Cold War

Desperation of British Imperial Elites Forces Them To Make a Big Blunder!


Litvinenko’s Father Gives Name of His Son’s Murderer

Urgent: Britain stages Russia poisoning, drowns in lies

Published on Mar 21, 2018

If you were running for the presidency of a country, and about to host a major international event – would you poison a defector, who many years earlier was in your possession, with a toxic substance that leads right back to you? It seems the Russian cookie monster always leaves a convenient cookie crumb trail – or so the Western audience is led to believe. All symptoms of a provocation are clear.

Furthermore, “Novichok” is not a widely known substance in Russia itself – it was developed by a chemist who moved to the US and published a book on his development. Make sure you watch until the end to see the briefing on the Skripal case by the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The British side refuses to provide a sample of the nerve agent used in Salisbury to the Russian side – because, in order to prove a substance, one must be able to match it to an existing “control standard”, ie the country must have the formula. Where it’s truly unknown, the Convention on the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons states that where a country suspects another of the use in chemical weapons – it must approach the side in question, provide a sample, and expect a response within 10 days. Britain, however, disregards international law and relies instead on public emotion and hysteria. The only sane Brit, it seems, is Jeremy Corbyn, who is heckled in parliament for his balanced approach.

In March 2018, Sergei Skripal and his daughter were found unconscious in Britain’s Salisbury. Skripal is a former Russian intelligence officer, who for the cost of a Spanish holiday home, and a couple hundred thousand one-off payments of the MI6, betrayed Russia. He was sentenced to 13 years in prison, but in 2010, together with 3 others, was pardoned by the Russian president and exchanged for 10 other intel workers.

Since then Skripal continued to live in Britain and work for the MI6. Much like the case of Litvinenko – international law has little to do with the investigation, all that matters are headlines. Be wary of what you read!


World War 3 Theresa May sends WARSHIPS to combat ‘Russia THREAT’ in MILITARY DRILLS

Published on Mar 15, 2018

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