My Spiritual Journey is about, I had a dream and the voice in my dream said One Day the People will listen to My Voice, THE VOICE IS TO FREE PALESTINE and I have given birth to World Harmony Day on 20th February 2002.

Frankly speaking, My ultimate goal is to dismantle the United Nations and replace it with the Harmonious Nations of the World, an international body that will be fair and balanced and that cannot be corrupted by illegally recognized nations like Israel that want their own singular agenda implemented at the expense of other nations. I see a truly visionary group with the integrity that the UN lacks and where World Harmony Day can finally find a loving home.


Armed drones targeted 121,000 people with technology this woman helped work on. She wants you to hear what happened next.


Your Life is Your life: Go all the way – Charles Bukowski


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Subject: Re: Thanks a million

Thanks Sunflower,

Glad to know that your efforts have brought you and the kids closer together. That’s an achievement itself.

Be glad knowing that your efforts have counted for something in this BIG ENDLESS WORLD.

Enjoy life to its fullest with your family.

Andre Lobo


Zainul Abidin RASHEED <>
Date: Sep 9, 2005, at 4:40 PM

Hello Chong,

Do we know each other? Is this yr real name? Sunflower Chong?

The idea sounds good but I am not sure how one gets about doing such a thing ‘globally’. Let me check. TY.

Let me check. TY.

Best Regards

Zainul Abidin Rasheed


Sunflower Chong <>
Date: 08/09/2005 21:40PM
Subject: World Harmony Day

Dear Mr Zainul Abidin & Mr Raymond Lim,

When my daughter and I started WHD in 2002 we did it wholeheartedly with love and happiness. If we know that the journey is so difficult like getting the license for the event I doubt we would have the courage to embark on it.

The bishop from the Vatican told me Pope John Paul cannot be endorsed WHD as a day for humanity and he told me to talk to UN instead. I got a letter from UN that advised me to get a letter from the host country to propose for such an act. Obviously, I hit against the wall wherever I went to sound out my wish for WHD.

I am writing to both of you with the hope you like the idea of WHD and support this good cause. Working hard is not good enough, for us to succeed we need to work smart and the only way is to seek for the support of the government in this endeavour. As Ministers in the Foreign Ministry do you think you can give us a helping hand?

I just can’t see myself continue this journey if the government does not share our belief that WHD is good for Singapore and the world. I am not running away from my responsibility like my son said about me but it is just too hard for me to go on even with all these new members coming on board. I am sure both of you understand my situation. WHD is not a commercial enterprise and as an individual, you can go so far and I have overstretched myself already.

Thank you very much for your attention.

Love, light, peace and harmony


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Subject: Re: Big ” 50″ Get Together – AEPS Primary 6 Classmates

Sun Wah my dear, whom I wrote in one of my composition as my best friend. I cannot remember giving you that advice but I remember how I looked to you during our days in AEPS and thought of you as a courageous person who dared go where no one else would… Having that website is an achievement and you can be very proud of yourself for still keeping that dream alive in spite of what everybody and I had thought at that time.

Will look into your website when I get back. Had been in Frankfurt and en route to Copenhagen now. Will catch up when I get back.

Love, light, peace and harmony,
Ah Hwee


From: sunflower_chong
Sent: 04/09/2005 20:55
Subject: Re: Big ” 50″ Get Together – AEPS Primary 6 Classmates

Ah Hwee Ah, le ho bo,

I am Sun Wah still chasing my dream after 40 years. Remembered when you came to my old place at Kim Sia Court and you have advised me not to push myself as there is not much we ordinary people could do to influence society.

Well, I am not there yet but at least I found the formula to help us get there. I have revamped the World Harmony Day website the address is

Edward Houng who has given me $2,000 to revamp WHD website said that I have the best job in the world. Yes, indeed he was so right but except no one pay me. World Harmony Day is my dream, now it is also the dream of my children and after 4 years it became the dream of the new members including Kirpal Singh the author and lecturer. I sincerely hope with hard work by World Harmony Society one fine day it will be the dream of the world citizens.

When Kwai Cheong sent me home on our first meeting after I came back from the Middle East he said, “Sun Wah while we are all playing and having fun with a carefree mind, you are like Johnathan Seagull thinking and planning for the future of the world.” I believe after Kwai Cheong goes through the website he will be the best person who understands why I need to walk this journey.

I look forward to the gathering.

Love, light, peace and harmony,


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I don’t think you should despair my dear…behind the scenes we are trying to see what can be done to make WHD a REAL event-and an event which will harmonize people and bring goodness together. You are right abt most of us being very busy and caught up in our own affairs (god knows many of us have individual challenges!) but I am sure we can always make some time to see what can be done.

Please don’t give up leading us and taking the initiative-please let us know how we can help you.

-yours, with love-as always-



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To:; Kirpal SINGH;;;
Subject: Fwd: HAPPY NEW YEAR

Dear All,

When Greta and I did WHD 2003 it was so exciting. We roundup children of 9-12 years to talk about racial issues. We got United World Colledge students to talk about the war in Iraq. Fortunately or unfortunate due to the war in Iraq we were clamped down by the government, everything was lost in thin air but our spirits were still high because we know this is the job we got to shoulder for greater humanity. We just need someone to listen to our cause but no one did:( The book for humanity can only be written when the doors for racial and religious is opened for discussion and this could be achieved if INTELLECTUALS are willing to come forward to take their respective role instead of waiting for permission to do so.

Well, my friends, the WHD mission should be pushing the boundaries of racial, religious and political talk in a controlled manner. It is not that I wanted to be different but more so it is very necessary if we want our children to have Global thinking. If they are not allowed to talk about this taboos subjects especially politics they will not be connected to Singapore or the world.

It seems that century back there was such a university in Indian that plays the role in fostering better understanding among different people. The Indian government has convinced the high-level Indians like Jayakumar, Pillay and even President Nathan to revive the Nalanda University in Indian. Singapore will play a catalytic role and this means coming out with a great sum of money to build the infrastructure. This University is about bringing understanding among religions and I believe Singapore is a better environment to achieve such great challenge as we are a living example for the world to see how we have managed to foster a harmonious society against all odd. The ideal venue is Marina South Downtown.

Anyway as an ordinary individual there is nothing much I could do except to voice out my wish and concern. WHD is in fact very good for Singapore and the people behind it must be pro-government or connected with the government if not it will not work. People like us cannot bring it to a higher level because racial, religious and politics are not allowed. The right people to run it are the young people from Youth Challenge from PA they are very interesting youngsters. Now they are busy with fun getting the youth park ready and after the fun, we must find a way to tap their intellect of world affairs.

It is very necessary as Singapore needs them to be responsible to bring us to greater heights.

Will World Harmony Day see the LIGHT!

love, light, peace, harmony and unity,


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Subject: Re: Homecoming



That is about People NOT SAVING THE WORLD. BUT HELPING TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE. They do not have illusions of grandeur or delusions. They are hardworking and smart people and they are Humble and don’t Force their ideas and shove it down people’s throats. Instead. THEY SHARE


On Fri, Jun 1, 2012, at 12:49 PM, Greta Georges <> wrote:

Dearest Mother

Speak to you on Sunday. Seems like there is a lot on your mind and Please all this Zionist stuff and videos HAVE ALREADY BEEN ONLINE FOR AGES.

The time when I was 19 and I was already reading stuff like that.

Please don’t get sucked in like a cult and all. People post shit up all the time. Uneducated, unaware and looking for someone to blame.

And please be careful when you CROSS THE ROAD. Let that be a lesson to be more aware and Please be careful.

Bye G



My childhood was not rosy coming from a poor family in the 60’s. I have the desire to help people living out a Cinderella existence with my parents and five brothers and a sister. I believed my childhood was scarred by unfair treatment, which always left me asking ‘Why?’ My fancies often ignited the fury of my parents. I recalled a disastrous incident: “Inspired by the story of Robin Hood, I decided to steal money from my father and give it to the neighborhood children. When my parents found out, my father brought me to the Esplanade and threatened to throw me into the river. I was unpopular with my teachers too. I think they mistook my constant questioning as symptoms of an urge to cause trouble.” I come to the conclusion that I will always be misunderstood in Singapore but takes heart that ‘prophets’ have always been misunderstood in their own land.

It all started with a childhood dream, The Voice’ in my dream said that one day the people would listen to my voice. I believed this childhood dream had guided me so far or set the path for me. This dream kept coming back to me in my sleep. I saw a bright light shining on me. Everyone was looking at me and with anger and tears in my eyes, I cried out loud to the people about how greed can kill your ‘Soul’ and my loss of faith in the human race. With all our intelligence, why were we so blinded and chased the wrong values in life? Have we lost our mind because we seemed to lose our purpose in life?

I was shouting at the people, “If money is what you want, then I will give it all to you”. There on the dark stage, I threw S$1 million to the crowd and holding a dagger with two hands, I pierced it through my stomach to end my life! In the dream I can’t see whether I was dead or alive, only a background voice that said one day people will listen to my voice. How dramatic this dream was and quite frightening too then because I always tried to end my life? The very next morning I asked my mother to interpret my dream because she was very good in interpreting dreams and through the interpretation, she will come out with the 4-D numbers to buy lottery and she never failed to make a big gain. I asked her why people will listen to my voice and not ‘his’ (will tell you one day) instead she reprimanded me not to be crazy and to shut my mouth, if not, I will get myself into trouble with the authority. Why will I get into trouble when I share my inner thoughts, I wondered?

Well, you might say how bazaar this dream was but it kept occurring in the midst of my solitude and in my loneliness too, so to me it’s real. The Chinese people believed that dreams were messages from God and I was intrigued to find out why the people would listen to an ordinary girl like me, therefore I have decided to dedicate my life to strive to listen more clearly to this ‘Voice’

I also wanted to know all about life, for example why we are here, what was our duty and responsibility? Why do I think differently from the others? Why my need and others were not the same? In short, I want to know what the purpose of my life is when I am not interested in chasing after money for money sake.

This dream disturbed me tremendously as it kept coming back, like haunting me. It took over my entire life and happiness and even sanity. From that day onwards, I never stop working hard in whatever way I knew how to realize this dream. In a way, I was trapped in my own dream. In order to be free, I needed to unravel this dream and I needed to know what God wanted me to do on this planet, the tiny blue dot calls Earth? Since childhood, I had an inner sense that I am here to do something significant. Yet I was not sure what that something was or how to accomplish it. I constantly asked God what was His mission for me in this world that I don’t feel belong? In short, I have decided to dedicate my entire life to chase this dream and find the answer to my existence, why am I here, if I’m not here just to study to make money then what am I supposed to be to here for?

To cut the story short my dream I gave $1Million away. Somehow I had managed to secure the curtain-walling project in Suntec City in late 1990 on behalf of Permasteelisa. When they refused to pay the $1.3 million fee that was entitled to me, instead of suing and allowed it to drain my energy and spirit, I questioned God why this was happening to me again? Around 1989 I secure the contract in Brunei for the Sultan Mosque but the Italian contractor refused to pay me the fee of $1.3 Million and it was only after I get a lawyer to sue him then he was willing to pay me $320k.

It was very naïve of me to believe that after securing the project on behalf for Permasteelisa, they would honor the contract and I will realize my dream of giving $1 million away and I will die a happy woman. But I guessed that was not God planned for me as He got many exciting adventures waiting for me to discover.

How simply I see the business world then but not anymore now? How idealistic all my dreams and thoughts were then and still is now? I can only ask God why, why, why? And “Why is life so unfair to me when I have worked so hard for it?” I cried to myself. ‘Why is all this happening to me, was I not supposed to give S$1 million away as I saw it in my dream? When I was so close, why did it slipped away, were you trying to tell me something? Do you have another plan for me instead of giving away the S$1 million? I was waiting for an answer from God, but I realized it would not come straight away, as I got to walk the path like the ‘Alchemist’. In order to succeed I know that I must persevere and hold on tied to my dream and constantly carry these Great Virtues – Faith, Hope and Charity and held this belief close to my heart, to help me pulled through this long and tiring and close to impossible journey in search of that “One Voice“.

I know being an ordinary citizen big ideas are not supposed to come from small people like us. Therefore, whenever possible I tried to be innovative by using the urban redevelopment projects to communicate with the authorities with the hope that they might be interested in talking to me so that I can share all my big ideas with them.

The best part amidst this wildness, I possess a strong idealism that Singapore has that clout and stature to be the brain and soul of the world and the catalyst to create an ASEAN House (because we have the money and good relationship with Indonesia). Therefore, when I embarked on the Singapore Art Center (SAC) proposal in 1992, my hidden agenda and hope was that Singapore can be the leader to lead ASEAN yet not seen as leading by creating ASEAN aspirations alongside the SAC development. Can you imagine the impact of a powerhouse and the art facilities along the waterfront of the Singapore River?

My quest is to push for an integrated ASEAN because I realized that the “ASEAN Way” needs to be supplemented by strong institutions that rely on laws and rules just like the United Nations and the European Union. Therefore, I cannot see why this could not be achieved by ASEAN especially the future security and stability of the region lie in the fate of the leadership of the ASEAN members. My vision of creating a Headquarter name, as the “ASEAN House” is the first step to enable the future generations of leaders to have a sense of direction of statesmanship in the running of the Association. I also believe that this simple house will be a symbol for unity and a constant reminder to Southeast Asians to work together to achieve regional economic prosperity and spiritual developments which are keys to ASEAN’s success.

In 1993, I commissioned a foreign architect from England Sami Moussawi to present my concept proposal with a model and a video for the National Library of Singapore. Again I had a hidden agenda, but this time not too ambitious, just to convince the authority that the site of SAC should be given to the National Library and instead of building the 2 big theaters just build the 3 small theaters to create an ASEAN Art workshops along the waterfront of SAC. I believe that the key to a better Singapore is art and we need to tap the deep culture of ASEAN to make Singapore a vibrant city. To be able to boast of economic and societal stability are a boon but the sterility of living in a clockwork, almost mechanical, environment has caused the average Singaporean mind to be cerebrally under-developed in terms of creativity and innovation. It would be myopic to downplay the importance of creativity in a nation’s welfare. Therefore I hope my voice of urgency to nurture art with a soul will be heard.

In 1994 I was called to handle a project in Indonesia and there I saw the possibility of creating the ASEAN House in Indonesia. With the experience from Singapore, I was wiser and knew how to approach the Indonesia authorities with great care and finally, my perseverance and patience had paid off. In 1998 I was able to convince the Indonesia’s authorities to accept my masterplan of building an ASEAN House on Hotel Indonesia International re-development project with the condition that I have to look for the leadership to make it happen. I also submitted my book entitled “ASEAN ‘s future is our future” to reinforce the need to create a strong ASEAN. Due to the currency crises, the project is on hold until the political situation has improved.

PM Goh Chok Tong wanted Singapore to be the New Renaissance city, hence he invited the people to share our ideas and we will be rewarded as a group or individual. I seize the opportunity and pushed for Singapore Management University (SMU) to change its originally specialized business and management scope to encompass a more diverse academic palette by including a technical and an art department to its repertoire. If that is not possible I hope to convince the authorities through my concept proposal that SMU site should be the birth of a new renaissance. These means art facilities like workshops should be incorporated in the master plan.

On top of it, I wanted to seize this opportunity to realize the vision of ASEAN 2020. ASEAN’s aspiration is to unite the region through a common language that is English and my believe the best place is in Singapore to help make it happens by establishing an ASEAN’s Educational Body in SMU. It was during the pursuit of this project that technology touched my life.

After almost ten years of struggle to get my big idea heard I decided with the SMU project I must go all the way, even if I have to end up in prison. So I decided to take a step further and took a chance with the new technology and sent my email simultaneously to Prime Minister Goh Chok Tong who advocated “big ideas or small ideas, let them flow” and “turn Singapore into a nation of ideas.” There was no response from him.

I needed to have a final closure to be at peace with my soul, so on December 1st, 2001, I send my SMU Primer “Sharing my Vision of Architecture” with a cover letter to DPM Lee Hsien Loong to try to save the green field located near the national library. The green field was original to be built over in the plans of the commissioned architect for the new educational institution. I, however, opposed the idea for a number of aesthetic reasons as well as that of ecological conservatism. As mentioned above, the reply to my email from DPM Lee changed my life because my daughter Greta was amazed and reveled in the fact after ten years someone actually listened. Despite having formed a cynical shell of pessimism to protect her from the toil of urban life, she found a newfound feeling of hope. You can multiply that reaction by a hundred times to see how I felt about finally getting a positive response, and from someone of such stature too.


To: CC:
Subject: SMU

Date: Tue, 13 Feb 2001 14:53:16 +0800

Ms Chong,

We would like to inform you that your appeal has been referred to URA for consideration by DPM office. URA will reply to you in due course.

Catherine Lau

Assistant Director, Strategic Planning


—– Forwarded by Aik Guan GOH/MTI/SINGOV on 13/02/2001 02:02 PM —–

13/02/2001 02:37 AM



Subject: SMU

Dearest Sirs,

“Every thought you have makes up
some segment of the world you see.

It is with your thoughts, then that
we must work, if your perception of
the world is to be changed.” – A course in miracles –

I beseech you to lend me your ears and open your hearts to this silly girl who has a story to tell. Whether the ending would be heart-wrenching or filled with joy and happiness, believe it or not, it lies in the power of your hands with a quick click at and by acknowledging that the green field in front of the Art Museum must be saved.

At this juncture, I believe a question would already form in your head regarding the green field. How can a green field next to the Art Museum affect my life?

Why should I be concerned if anything happens to it?

When URA told me that they were interested in roping me to participate in their future developments, I was truly flattered. Although I must express that I am however more concerned about the present situation than the future endeavors. The first issue is about the green field in front of the Art Museum. Why should we save it?

Next is the issue of plot E. This piece of land has the potential to build up to 16flrs. Why doesn’t SMU made use of it? URA told me they could not tell SMU what to do or how to build it. The fact stands that SM Lee even once commented that every project must make money.

I plead you once more to reconsider the master plan by the foreign consultant, because URA, LTA, SIA and many more Singaporeans (especially the arts communities) believe that the green field should be saved. The only difference is that they speak behind closed doors because if they voice out openly they have got too much to lose. Whereas Sunflower has nothing to lose because she is known as a crazy woman who has got nothing else better to do.

“There is no coming to consciousness without pain” – C.G. Jun

I am sharing my pain with all of you because I know my true happiness lies in the power of your hands.


Yours truly

Sunflower Chong


Now I am at peace with myself and my son Gabriel is very proud of me. As for Greta, she is prepared to do whatever she can within her capacity as an individual to call upon all young Singaporeans to come forward to serve the country and ASEAN.

“Let each man believes and hope what he can” – Charles Darwin

In short, my Spiritual Journey is about, “I had a dream and the voice in my dream said One Day People Will Listen to My Voice, THE VOICE IS TO ‘FREE PALESTINE’ – World Harmony Day Was Born on 20th February 2002.

“Beliefs can destroy us or be our salvation. The difference lies in the absence or presence of hope. Hope is the great driving force that gives shape to our imagination, engaging the latent energies we all possess to fuel the realization of our dreams.

But while hope is an incredibly powerful force, it can also be a subtle one. As an overcast sky will block out the sun, so a setback, a crisis or a nagging worry can veil the light of hope, leading us to say, ‘The situation is hopeless’. Even when we come to that pitch, we should remember that while a situation might be hopeless, we are not. Even if nothing of value is salvaged, it seems, from the darkest hour, at least – at best – we can come through it with hope. In fact, it might well be true that we only come through it with hope.

We believe and hope what we can. That is the most we are able to do. Our actualization as individuals, fully engaged in the life wherein we find ourselves, is possible and sustainable only when we discover our capacity to hope. Out of that, our beliefs will follow. And they will all be positive.”

“Today I ask, ‘What can I believe, how can I hope?”- Stephen Bowskett

Instead of ‘Voices Of New Asia’ being created ‘World Harmony Day’ was born out of necessity to give hope to the future generation that there is a beautiful world waiting for them and all we need to do is to work towards it as a family of the world. In short, Sept 11 had given birth to ‘The Consciousness.’ How strange you might say but don’t you agree that the spirituality is at work as the subconscious mind took over. WHD came about because the world is NOT in Harmony and our conscience had propelled us to take action. WHD was born out of necessity because there is an urgent need to create an awareness and understanding that we have only ONE world as our home, so please learn how to share this world by caring and loving humanity so peace can prevail.

Mr. Kofi Annan said, “To save one life was to save humanity itself”. We need to strive for greater humanity to save our world. In short, WHD is asking us all to have ‘The Consciousness’ to value human life and we have marked WHD on 20 Feb 2002 at 20:02 to make our stand. The implementation of World Harmony Day is by no means an end-all solution to the escalating violence but rather an uplifting start of the world as one collective voice. We hope it will be a voice so loud that the world governing bodies will have to listen – we want the violence to stop from today onwards, force must not be applied for whatever reason. Instead of promoting understanding of shared human values is the key to personal growth that will lead to an improved relationship with mutual respect for one another!




World Harmony Day’s Declaration

1) To remind everyone to have Consciousness for the World Trade Center incident. It is a great awakening for Humanity, which compels us all to take responsibility and play a part each day in bringing peace and harmony back for the sake of children in the present and of the future.

2) To promise ourselves that on this day forward 20th February 2002 at 20:02, a candle will be lighted for 2 minutes to symbolize no more violence should be used to resolve conflicts.

3) It is our utmost duty and responsibility to remind the future generations not to take peace for granted. If PEACE is what they want, they must be proactive in shaping the future world not only for themselves but more so for their children’s children.

World Harmony Day is not a new religious organization it embraces common themes found in Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, and Hinduism as well as many, many others. Love and empathy, peace and tolerance liberate all citizens of the world, as they are all forms of the diverse range of people participating in WHD.

It is a movement that embraces Peace Harmony and Unity at its core. Anti-violence and seeks peace. WHD is a spiritual movement of the consciousness, which brings the world into oneness. It emphasizes is about valuing human lives, cultivating good human relations and respecting human rights. WHD is calling us to be humane.

It is a movement, which helps one to find their place in spending time proactively helping others. This makes our existence more relevant and contributing to the bigger picture in our lives and helps others.

Proper actions and decisions made by this current generation will help to set the next generation up for better times to help deal with Peacekeeping. If it is not contained then other chain reactions like hunger, disease, poverty, refugees, and degeneration of our environment, will need to be addressed.

World Harmony Day’s “seekers of peace” are people from all over the world who believe common citizens working together can and will make a profound difference. The true spirit of World Harmony Day is in bringing all the citizens of the world together in oneness. In short, WHD goal is to plant “seed of peace”, to bring Harmony to the world.

WHD is still at an infancy stage; maybe many of you are not clear but with time I believed we would all agree to uphold the declaration of WHD. WHD is for everyone…man, women, young and old…the human race. I think our vision and mission is clear enough –


“Build a better World for the Future Generation” – Spread understanding that we need to share this World, as there is only ONE World for all.


“Come…Light the World with LOVE” – Be their friend and touch their lives.

All WHD asks is for people wherever they are to remember this day of ‘The Consciousness’, 20 February at 20:02 and to annually observe a 2 minutes Peace Silence by lighting a candle.

Humanity instead of having the courage to live their dream most of them were trapped by the fear of survival, hence living become a hell instead to enjoy it. “Like success, failure is many things to many people. With positive mental attitude, failure is a learning experience, a rung on the ladder, and a plateau at which to get your thoughts in order to prepare to try again.”– W. Clement Stone

To bring out my vision in the paper there were lots of hard rock’s I got to knock but to me, it worth all the sweat and blood to share my vision with the world, in short, my advice is to follow your dream no matter what because dreams make you who you are?


Jordan king in rare West Bank trip seen as message to Israel                                       

RAMALLAH, West Bank (AP) — Jordan’s king flew by helicopter to the West Bank on Monday — a rare and brief visit seen as a signal to Israel that he is closing ranks with the Palestinians on key issues, such as a contested Jerusalem shrine.

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas and Abdullah II met for about two hours, after a red-carpet welcome for the monarch at the Palestinian government compound in the West Bank city of Ramallah.

The two leaders discussed the recent showdown with Israel over the Muslim-administered shrine, including confronting alleged Israeli attempts to expand its role there, said Palestinian Foreign Minister Riad Malki.

“This evaluation is very important for us to prepare for the coming stage we expect from Israel and from (Prime Minister Benjamin) Netanyahu personally,” Malki said.

Israel has denied allegations by Muslims that it was trying to encroach on their rights at the holy site, which is also revered by Jews.


The al-Aqasa Wake-Up Call                                                                                                     


The three young men from the Jabareen family of Umm al-Fahem who carried out Friday’s attack in Jerusalem sent a wake-up call to the Palestinian Authority (PA) and its president Mahmoud Abbas. He hasted to telephone Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu to express his condemnation and his condolences for the two Israeli policemen who were killed. It also served as a reminder to a billion and a half Muslims worldwide that the al-Aqsa Mosque, their original qibla, is still under occupation, and that the steadfast people who live around it are giving their lives to resist and to defend it.

We doubt that President Abbas will also call the Jabareen family which gave birth to the three young men and raised them to love Palestine and defend its holy places against the systematic campaign to judaize them. Nor will he offer them condolences as he does whenever a member of the Israeli army is killed. The job of the PA and its security forces is to protect Israeli settlers, not Palestinian lives.

The attack at the al-Aqsa courtyard will doubtless trouble the Israeli occupation and the PA alike, due to its scale, the daring shown by the attackers, and their use of firearms to carry it out and kill the two Israeli policemen. It shows that young Palestinians intent on resisting the occupation are developing their methods and no longer relying on individual knife attacks – not least because Israeli troops now routinely shoot and kill them in cold blood regardless of whether there is a stabbing attempt, but merely on suspicion of intent. Countless young men and women have been killed because they were suspected of possibly carrying a knife, including one who was shown being shot in the head by an Israeli soldier while he lay bleeding as an Israeli ambulance crew looked on.

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