I'M Dead Serious My mother said,"Lee Kuan Yew one hand lifts us Up the other hand will bring us Down..."

Letter to PM Lee Hsien Loong on My Dream for Singapore


8 April 2001

Dear Hsien Loong,

I might be a stranger to you but you are not to me because since at a very young child I had been watching your growth and in a way had an expectation from you when the day you will be the Prime Minister of Singapore.

Now I write to you from one Singaporean to another because to understand me I need to open my heart and mind to you without reservation.  The system is failing us as it denies us of our soul.  In short, all my personal sacrifices boiled down to saving the souls of the people by first saving my own soul.




Is the demise of Singapore inevitable? The book, MY MOTHER, LEE KUAN & GOD, is what my mother thought of LKY and his belief in capitalism instead of God, and that is why I needed to take this spiritual journey.

Many people who know me have often asked this question, “Why are you so obsessed with Palestine?” Well, frankly speaking, my journey was never about Palestine. In fact, my journey was all about Lee Kuan Yew’s greater belief in the ZIONISTS' power instead of believing in God’s power.

South China Sea

China is destined for greatness. It was Prophesize by the Prophet Muhammad...1400 + years ago...💓












CO14235 | The South China Sea Disputes: Singapore as an “Honest Broker”? 

Singapore does not favor one claimant state over the other but urges disputants to resolve their differences in a peaceful manner. In Mr. Shanmugam’s words, “from Singapore’s perspective…, it doesn’t matter who owns which islands, but where there are disputes, we want it to be dealt with in a way that doesn’t lead to ships confronting each other, shots being fired increasing kinetic conflict”.

Shamumugan said that “it doesn’t matter who owns which islands” but I don’t agree with him because to me it matters a lot who own the islands as this will be the starting point to resolving whatever misunderstanding!! How can you be an honest broker when you do not know the history of China in regards to the South China Sea?

I am so disappointed with Mr. Shanmugam because he is putting Singapore in a very bad light:(

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