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Inspiration from God

“Architecture is not just fine lines but an inspiration from God.”– Sunflower Chong

A proposal specially prepared for DPM Lee Hsien Loong.



Art Is the Future

“Neither a man nor a nation can live without a higher idea, and there is only one such idea on earth, that of an immortal human soul; all the other higher ideas by which men live follow from that.” – Dostoyevsky

On Straits Times 1 December 2003, Mr. Scott Bedbury Branding guru advises Singapore to make its image more ‘human’ to make the country more appealing to people around the world. In short, he suggested that Singapore would benefit from having a ‘warmer’ image that could draw more investors to Singapore as well. What was he driving at when he said that Singapore image should be more ‘human’? I believe he was telling us that Singapore should be a cultural city and this means we got to make Art our future, Asian Renaissance here we come!!

Gone is the literature of the great cultural heroes, who struggled and suffered and succeeded in the grounding of a culture, a creed, and an ideal. Gone is the time, when novel and drama were built around simple personalities, who through their sincerity and selflessness in the struggles of their world, mirrored the problem of human life and at the same time opened a wider horizon of human possibilities – Where are the creative thinkers and visionaries of our time? Where are great ideas? Because in this Capitalist world people is too smart, no one is prepared to sacrifice to chase high ideal without any monetary gain.

Pico Della Mirandola in his Oratio said, “nothing in the world can be found that is more worthy of admiration than man”, which is often considered as the manifesto of the Renaissance and of Humanism, we become conscious of the high degree which the dehumanization of life and especially the arts has reached in our time. When a journalist asked Andre Malraux, why in our time there are no longer paintings or sculptures of great men like in the renaissance, answered: “Because modern man does not believe any longer in man”. How are we going to bring back the faith in humanity?


My Belief

There is only one language
The language of our heart
Where we will unite as one
Thanks to God Almighty

There is only one religion
The religion of love
Art is the human expression of that love and love is God
Love is the connection to God Almighty

There is only one caste
The caste of humanity
Everyone is born equal
That’s the gift of God Almighty

There is only one God
He is omnipresent
The power is to believe not to analyze
We must continue to have faith in God Almighty

– There is only One God belonging to all – Sunflower Chong 1983


Through nurturing of arts with the understanding that “Art is the human expression of that love and Love is God. Love is the connection to God” we can bring back the faith in humanity. Art has spiritual power and the potential to be the Universal Language for the world, with this knowledge and wisdom I believe Art could shape the future with great faith because we need the future’s world to be ruled by love, compassion, and this balance is long overdue for the whole of humanity.

Do Singaporeans understand why Brother Joseph McNally sacrificed his entire life to build LaSalle? All these years of sacrifices what did brother Jo get out of it? He got nothing in term of monetary gain but what he got is the love of God. Like Bro Jo, I too believed that Art got a hidden spiritual power and only those who believe in it could bring out this kind of power even without education.

Sad to say that we have allowed Capitalism to take over the meaning of our existence, for this reason, we witnessed so much violence in this present world. There is an urgent need to bring back the ‘Spirit of the Human Soul’ to save humanity. A Great Nation must have Art as its core because true art is the best way to bring back our soul as it distracts you from the materialistic world. I know that art has a spiritual connection to ‘The Consciousness’, especially in the performing arts. It cannot be bought. We cannot have art just because our leaders want it. We cannot just say, ”We have money now, we are ready for art, and we must have art” Similarly, the government can’t just expect the citizens to produce babies, “Now I wanted so many babies, go and produce and I will pay you so much per head”. It is very worrisome with such pragmatic attitude as I already heard young couples that just got married and they are delaying the pregnancy to wait for the Government announcement how much they will be pay per head.

How can a strong and meaningful society evolved through A capitalist mean if you give me so much I will pay you so much? It is so sad and worrisome for the future generation if this is the way to go in nation building?

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