Report on 5th Bald Creaming







From: hair_dresser <>
To: Sunflower Chong <>; Janeandmarie <>
Sent: Thursday, November 2, 2017, 6:02:49 AM GMT+8
Subject: Fw: Marie I saw Sunflower’s new video and I got another message

Dearest Sunflower,

Jigna is one of your Sunflower Pacifist Army leaders and she sent me the message below. She wanted to let you know about how popular your video is across the globe and about a problem people are encountering trying to get to your new site.

Love you endlessly,

Your Marie

From: Jigna Gupta
Sent: Wednesday, November 1, 2017 9:37 PM
Subject: Marie I saw Sunflower’s new video and I got another message

Dear Marie,

I saw Sunflower’s video for Bald Zionist Bitch #5 and she was simply wonderful! She takes on Cunt Miriam and all her Pacifist Army members are CHEERING FOR SUNFLOWER! There is a LOT of internet chatter about her humiliating the Adelson’s and Netanyahu’s!

Now, there have been a number of her followers who have tried to see her new web site (including me) and have been blocked from entering her site and then threatened by some Zionist Women Forever bitch by the name of Talia. Can you let her know that this is happening…we are all anxious to see her site and find out if she has published her book on beauty. She looks more and more beautiful with each video she does!

Please give Sunflower my love!

Love you,




From: Misty May <>
Sent: Wednesday, November 1, 2017 8:44 PM
To: Full Name; Christine Hair;
Subject: Re: This came from those bitches! – from Misty May

Dear Sunflower and Tina and Christine,

I did see Sunflower’s newest video, Tina, and I LOVED IT!!!! Sunflower, you are so charismatic and lovely. I was so thrilled to see you again in a video….#5 WAS GREAT!

And I also had the same experience trying to go to Sunflower’s new web site! My warning message from those Zionist Bitches was also signed by someone by the name of Talia!! Why are they still attacking you, beautiful Sunflower?
Christine, did you see Sunflower’s new video? Did you try accessing Sunflower’s web site?

Love to all of you,

Misty May


From: Sunflower Chong <>
Sent: Friday, October 13, 2017 4:33 AM
To: Full Name; Misty May; Christine Hair
Subject: Re: This came from those bitches! – from Misty May

Dearest All,

I DID THIS WEBSITE BY MYSELF AFTER 2 DAYS LESSON 🙂 www.sunflowerchongsunwah/books/


With greater love always, 🌻
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On Thu, Nov 2, 2017 at 5:49, Sunflower Chong
<> wrote:

Dearest Christine, Tina and Misty,

Life is not easy on my side but I will fight on and the bloody CCB bitches added one more new member name Talia and her specialty is in IT:( so you must get the group to support me by buying my books and keep sharing my new blog.

My PayPal is Once I sold a book I will announce to the world and this will drive the CCB Bitches and smelly cunt Miriam real 😡 because they vow that I will not sell a book:(

Now it’s 5.45 am I go back to bed and thank you so much for your constant support and love.

Still got 3 more creaming instead of 2:(

With all my love forever,

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On Thu, Nov 2, 2017 at 4:56, Christine Hair
<> wrote:

Dear Sunflower and Christine and Tina,

Sunflower’s new video is unbelievable! I saw it just a bit ago and was so impressed with her bravery and beauty! Sunflower, you are so SPECIAL! Your hair is looking beautiful and getting longer just like you said you would do. I thought you taunting Cunt Miriam by taking 12 shaving cream pies was FABULOUS!

Everyone is talking about your new video on the internet and Sunflower’s Pacifist Army members are going wild right now. I saw Sunflower’s name mentioned in numerous chat rooms, too!

I have not seen Sunflower’s new web site; I will try right after I send you all this message, OK? Sunflower, you are truly amazing and I love you very much!

Love to all,


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