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I have posted Permasteelisa articles at and I was very surprised to discover all their pictures had disappeared. I questioned, why should the Evil Zionists do this and a sudden flash came and I saw the letter that Permasteelisa got their finance from the VATICAN BANK!!


I wanted the people to know Permasteelisa Massimo Colomban is an honorable man but his partner Lucio Mafessenti fell short in his character. I do not have a contract with Massimo's company yet he rewarded me generously. But his partner Lucio was otherwise because even with a signed contract he refused to pay me the fee after securing the Suntec City on their behave. 


I Often Thought God Wanted Me to Give S$1 Million Away but He Got Other Plan for Me It Seemed. 

I have maintained my stand with regard to my name because I refused to be structure by society, I was very confident that people would judge me based on my character and not by my new name “’Sunflower”. But how wrong I was, when in 1990 I represented Permasteelisa an Australia sub-contractor based in Sydney, to tender for the curtain-walling project in Suntec City?


I have learned from others that all the consultants, especially Robert Heintges and DP architect were not happy with me because in their professional eyes with a name “Sunflower”, means I was not a serious person. (If you were involved in tendering a project worth about $200million, I supposed the name was a liability but if you were involved in a charity show of flower arrangement then I guessed this name will be an asset.) Moreover I was not a technical person; therefore they said that I was not qualified to represent Permasteelisa. (As though these consultants got the right to decide!)


The general manager Mr. Chua Yong Hai from Suntec City told Permasteelisa bosses that this project is very highly political and it was not wise to use a woman to represent them. The boss from Permasteelisa Mr. Massimo Colomban told me that Mr. Chua said that in the construction field, dealing with a woman was not good for their image. He told Mr. Colomban that Permasteelisa is a big company, they didn’t need a woman to help them to get the project”. (Mr. Colomban said that I must keep a low profile, as the Singaporean professionals cannot accept me. They felt an insult to be talking to someone who was not technical in this field.) Just for Mr. Chua information, without my involvement in UOB Plaza, Permasteellisa might not be able to get the curtain-walling project even though one of the UOB’s subsidiary represented them. Due to my quick wit and intelligence, I was able to rescue the project for Permasteelisa right under the nose of JV Kajima from Japan and Coneer from Canada.


To cut the story short, the Architect of the project whose father is one of the shareholders so now you know why they are doing whatever they can to get rid of me! With God blessing, I had managed to secure the curtain-walling project in Suntec City in late 1990 on behalf of Permasteelisa. When they refused to pay the $1.3 million fee that was entitled to me, instead of suing and allowed it to drain my energy and spirit, I questioned God why this was happening to me again? It was very naïve of me to believe that after securing the project on behalf for Permasteelisa, they would honor the contract and I will realize my dream of giving $1 million away and I will die a happy woman:( Grandfather, Almighty God don't allow me to die young I supposed:(  Well, I guessed that was not God planned for me as he got many exciting adventures waiting for me to discover.


How simply I see the business world then but not anymore now? How idealistic all my dreams and thoughts were then and still is now? I can only ask God why, why, why? And “Why is life so unfair to me when I have worked so hard for it?” I cried to myself. ‘Why is all this happening to me, was I not supposed to give S$1 million away as I saw it in my dream? When I was so close, why did it slipped away, were you trying to tell me something? Do you have another plan for me instead of giving away the S$1 million? I was waiting for an answer from God, but I realized it would not come straight away, as I got to walk the path like the ‘Alchemist’. In order to succeed I know that I must persevere and hold on tied to my dream and constantly carry these Great Virtues – Faith, Hope and Charity and held this belief closed to my heart, to help me pulled through this long and tiring and close to impossible journey in search for that One Voice.



Dear Massimo, 

I’m sorry I have to share my spiritual journey with the people and this include how I had secured the contract for Permasteelisa when they were out of the race. You wanted to give me a share in Permasteelisa I refused and preferred to get the money instead because I am here for a higher purpose. You have been fair to me but not your partner Lucio Manfessanti and I need to square up this score. You kept refusing to take my call then because you said that Lucio was the person in charge. Lucio refused to pay my commission of $1.3M for Suntec City and it turned out a blessing in disguise as I was not meant to have this money because if I did I would not have founded World Harmony Day and Now Start a Soft Revolution to STOP WW3!!

When I write this part of the story I will send the draft to you for approval because I am a very details person. This means I don’t leave out anything. Please get the evil Zionist Joos to reinstate the site and ask them to stop the Zionist women to shave off my head bald! I’m sure you got a strong connection with them if not why they deleted all your photos and our contract at!


Your’s truly,

Sunflower Chong

UOB PLAZA – PERMASTEELISA First Project Overseas and from here Onward they were Riding high thank My Quick Action to Secure the Tender in the Nick of Time!

“Sunny we walk 3 steps ahead but you walk 20 steps ahead!” Massimo Colomban

“Sunny if we teach you the technical skill you will be our next competitor because without any knowledge of Curtain walling you managed to seal the deal effortlessly.” Lucio Mafessanti


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