My LKY’s Spell was Broken:(


Goals of the Committee of 300 to Kill 6.5 Billion Humanity!!

Illuminati and the ‘Committee of 300’ – Dr. John Coleman + Free PDF Book! Lecture was in 1994

Published on Jun 10, 2014




Illuminati Leak: Full List of Recent Members of Secret Society Exposed as ‘Committee Of 300’. Oct 29, 2017


My Spell on LKY was broken after the City Harvest Saga! (Long story will write one day but only let you know one thing what my mother said, “Once LKY dies ALL the SHITS will come out because he had sold his soul to the devils!”

I have lost TOTAL Respect for the ungrateful son! Why must he sue Roy Ngerng if he is clean and how can he lock up a young Singaporean Amos Yee just because he said that LKY was a horrible man? Therefore, I would like to share with you what I saw on Facebook – LHL is a member of Committee 300. The other Asian is Dr. Margaret Chan, Director-General of the World Health Organization from 2007 to 2017. Magaret Chan and her 2 siblings are members of Committee 300 and I wonder whether LKY was a member because how could he not be when his son is still a member?


Ng shared her post.

This is laughable yet it was something serious to warrant punishment during 1960s era!
LKY was certainly a great actor!

ok, jokes aside…this is not a laughing matter… if old man were to see himself smiling, the photographer would get punishment!

“The death of founding prime minister Lee Kuan Yew last year marked the end of an era. How will the nation fare now that the rock of Singapore politics is gone? What does the future hold?”

Lee Kuan Yew greatest concern and fear is the demise of Singapore after his death and similar my first ex-husband greatest fear was when one day he opens the door I will disappear with our children. Well, his fear became a reality and I strongly believe Lee Kuan Yew fear is happening right in front of us if we do not play the ‘right politics’ and this was coined by PM Lee Hsien Loong. Well, the right politics is to stand by China no matter what because one bomb, not China gone but Singapore Gone this was what my mother said way back when Lee Kuan Yew invited the America navy to Singapore shore. My mother said that Lee Kuan Yew did not have the Asean spirit, he saw Asean only for economic and not security and this kind of attitude will get Singapore in trouble water one day and THE DAY HAS ARRIVE:(

Why do I say so? When you build a nation based on one man’s vision how a society should be my mother said that it’s SINFUL! Not any leader got the right because the nation does not belong to him or her but to the people, even for his children life my mother said that Lee Kuan Yew has no right to make his children lead their life the way he sees fit, what more a nation where there are millions of voices and aspiration like the making art part of living and making money is a mean, not an end.

For a young country to survive and excel it must grow organically, you cannot structure it like in the army or build a factory, simple as that. WE ARE NOT LIVE ROBOTS but unfortunately, this was how Lee Kuan Yew had created Singapore, we are only numbers in his eyes not human being:( So naturally, after his death, the country die with him. This is proof of what I said;

Jason Tan – July 10, 2016, at 12.51 am

Speaking from an illuminati satellite city of Singapore, the way MNCs and politically affiliated businessmen and politicians leeches of 90% of our currency are disgusting.

Amassing human slaves like tsunamis, followed by the construction new flats with a cell tower built for every one of them and of course, the daily intake of fluoridating water, the usual PC/TV/Call and media propaganda we have always been the lab rat for human mind control experiment.

Our citizens have been reduced to mindless zombies living a life of caged animals. I’ve watched videos on animal cruelty but the most shocking part was not at the violence nor the painful angry screams, it was the familiarity in our actual living environment and how desensitized we have become.


Francis Seow on Kwa Geok Choo (Mrs Lee Kuan Yew) (my mother Lim Soon Hing knew too.)


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Lee Kuan Yew, not the one who wants LHL to be PM but it was Mrs Lee Kuan Yew because she loved LHL very much. When I was young I heard all she can talk was about how smart LHL is. In primary school one day my teacher told us Mr Lee Kuan Yew went to LHL school and told him off in front of the whole class that he cannot use his name. LKY did not allow anyone to use his name to gain favor so I guess this is why his siblings are not happy with LHL because they felt he should stand on his own right to lead Singapore something like that…. I understand why the siblings are stopping him because in the event Singapore is not going the right way this is not LKY doing.

My mother said that Mr Lee Kuan Yew loved LWL very much and she will not be able to get married because she got features like LKY and in LKY eyes all the men not good enough for his daughter. LWL personal body guide loved her but LKY said NO:( I don’t know how come my mother so clever know everything in Lee’s family?

LHY is the middle child got NO ATTENTION so he can do what he likes. In an interview with TODAY on Wednesday night, Mr Lee Hsien Yang also said that this was not a family spat, but about the values of their father – “of putting Singapore first, rather than power and popularity”. He also elaborated on his decision to leave Singapore, saying: “Why would I want to move if I did not feel persecuted?


Singapore – Broken Promises


Chee Soon Juan responds to Lee Hsien Loong’s National Day Rally address


The Singapore Shame


Interview with Blogger Roy Ngerng Sued by Singapore Prime Minister (by Joel Lazarus)

Published on Jan 22, 2015

Singaporean blogger Roy Ngerng was sued by the Singapore Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong in May 2014.

Mr Lee claimed that Roy had written an article that was defamatory towards him and took Roy to court.

Roy had written about the Central Provident Fund (CPF) of Singaporeans and asked why Singaporeans were contributing the highest proportion of their wages in the world into the CPF social security fund but yet receive one of the least adequate retirement funds in the world.

Academic Joel Lazarus caught up with Roy to find out more about his motivations and what he had hoped to achieve with his blogging.

Roy said that he wanted to advocate for a fairer and more equal society in Singapore, so that Singapore can become a happier place.


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