My Last Letter to EU & OIC – We Must ALL Rise Up To Bring Evil To An End!!


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Wild Bill Corsi UNLEASHED My Most Important Video to Date



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Benjamin Fulford and Robert David Steele at Inokashira Park (World Harmony coming very soon:)


On Sunday, November 5, 2017, 9:38:03 PM GMT+8, Roz Bachl <> wrote:

Hi Sunflower,

Thank you for sharing your site with us, we are all working in our different ways to bring about world harmony and integrative meaning are we not?

We are destroying our world at an alarming rate, the reason I have always asked is WHY? Why are humans, on the one hand greedy, egotistical, warlike and just downright nasty and hungry for fame power and fortune and then, on the other hand, can be beautifully caring, kind and considerate?

Answers to these questions and how humans are actually good not bad as we are led to believe, together with the evidence science now have to be able to prove that, are in Jeremy Griffiths books and most importantly how this information changes people, we don’t need to live in the dark cave any longer. We need brain food not brain anesthetic! Information to reawaken our souls!

Have a deeper look at the main website, would be interested to know your thoughts.

Best wishes – Roz


My Journey was never about Palestine


The evil Zionists deleted all the contents of the widget on the Palestine and Poison blogs I was devastated!! But when I was meditating I SAW THE BOXES MOVING UP and right after mediation, I went straight to the computer and move the boxes up and wah-lah all the contents came back, really cannot Tahun it is really unbelievable! I was on top of the world because I know the evil Zionists cannot destroy me, moreover, I have my Powerful friends doing their best to protect my blogs and here may I take the opportunity to thank my Powerful friends ANONYMOUS for encouraging me to do what is right for the world!!


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Sheldon Adelson Offers to Help Pay for U.S. Embassy in Jerusalem

US Embassy in Jerusalem to open in May — in time for Israel’s 70th anniversary


Sanhedrin Mints Silver Half Shekel With Images of Trump and Cyrus

Israel Carried Out Extrajudicial Executions, Tortured Children: Report

5 Years of HELL in GAZA!!

Professor Nurit Peled-Elhanan tells me how the entire Israeli education system teaches racism that continues through life.

Her insights are incredibly troubling, it seems child abuse is state-sponsored and endorsed.

Nurit Peled-Elhanan describes the depiction of Arabs in Israeli schoolbooks as racist.


23 February 2018

Dear EU & OIC Leaders,

I would like to share with you this enlightening video Standing at the Threshold because we just can’t live in a physical world and expect harmony will be at our feet.

When we live in a Spiritual world it is all about God and the power of the Conscious Mind. For your knowledge, the evil Zionists kept deleting my posts that got to do with the conscious mind. This is the post that they don’t want people to read Finally, I have this post Seizure of Al-Aqsa by ‘illegal israel‘ will be an evil Black mark in History up and I hope you can find the time to read it

I must be honest, after I did my final speech video I felt peace within. I did what I believe God wanted me to do and most importantly I did it with great love because my teacher told us to love God is to strive for greater humanity. What carries me so far is my deep Conscience. When I was young my teacher said that we must decide what kind of human being we want to be because when the capitalist world comes into our life it will take over our sense of judgment and thoughts thus we will lose our sense of purpose and existence.

Instead of protecting my children from harm I felt it’s more important to go to the roots cause of the world woes. If we don’t do that it will get from bad to worst because most of the government do not control capitalism, why?

Capitalism has convinced the world leaders as the only path to success but what kind of success they are talking about? Financial success without the balance of Spirituality attainment will come to NOTHING-Empty Hole! Capitalism came with a very high price and if we are not careful instead of progress we will digress in term of moral value and belief.

Capitalism does not believe in God because they are the ‘god they want us to believe. Their business values are the bottom line at all cost to achieve success or their goal that include killing people and here I don’t need to elaborate as you know what I am talking about. In fact, Capitalism brainwash us to forsake God and they replace our God with their new god “Money=Greed”

Spirituality has no room in society and when this foundation is wiped off from our existence this means we have lost the meaning and purpose of our life because life is not just about making money and more money to achieve success and happiness. This kind of so-called success is very cold and bad for the society it can be heartless most of the times. My mother was so concerned about humanity future:( My teacher wanted us to strive to be a good human being and she said that by having such thinking we are already a successful person.

No love for God means you do not have a sound foundation. Money cannot replace God as you can witness how the society is disintegrating in every sense of the word or in short, you see people are lost because they are empty inside. Lee Kuan Yew had said, “It seems people who have faith are stronger people.” Very simply because we have a sense of purpose and direction and our direction is towards doing God’s work. Our only anchored is onto God’s love. I have always told my children you don’t need to entertain your mother but if you like to be with me you are welcome and I will have a listening ear.

I want to be a good human being because I’m a soul and I am a proud child of God. I have told Almighty God I will keep walking this lonely journey in search for a better world for all humanity until my pocket is penniless and now is the time where I need to make some money to enable me to continue walking…..:(

Hence the ball is at you great leaders court and I hope you will catch it and Light the world for All humanity!!


Love, light, peace, harmony, and unity,

Sunflower Chong Sun Wah


Unmasking PropOrNot: Exposing Deep State Crimes


Published on Feb 24, 2018

You belong to your father, Satan, and you want to carry out your father’s desires. From the start, he was a murderer, and he has never stood by the truth because there is no truth in him. When he tells a lie, he is speaking in character; because he is a liar — indeed, the inventor of the lie! 45 But as for me, because I tell the truth you don’t believe me. 46 Which one of you can show me where I’m wrong? If I’m telling the truth, why don’t you believe me? John 8:44-46 Satan put himself in Gods place and put the True God in the place of Satan in the old testament. The attributes of God and Satan show you this but, you fail to see with eyes to see. These truths will reveal an entirely different understanding of scripture and show you that you truly are a child of God and that Satan wants to destroy you and everything that creeps and crawls. ADS ARE NOT MINE. Any ads are because of the music used in the video. They have monetized it. I will never monetize the videos I do.



Published on Feb 14, 2018

While I compile the larger and more detailed video, I felt I needed to provide some information to those that have expressed such amazing stories but, also asked for guidance. I want only to give you the things I am asked to give. This video has some instruction that are not mine but important for you to begin with. Please continue to watch. I will never monetize videos because, as you already know. I want nothing, need nothing and the less I have the more truthful I can become. I want to prevent myself from any desires of anything so they do not impact what I am asked to speak.


Anonymous- UNMASKED A Message From vIDiUs -Revelation

Published on Feb 10, 2018

Greetings World, I am no longer behind a mask, my voice is no longer hidden and I will disclose my identity here in this world and what has come of me within this world. I am unmasking as this time to speak directly to you, the people of the world in hopes that you will hear the words I speak and not judge the person. It is however, important that you know who I have been so you might understand who it is that I have become. I am no longer of this world although I am still in it. I am by all accounts a very successful man but I did not become so by the typical paths followed by former colleagues, or others within similar circles I have worked within. I was a Senior Business Strategist at Microsoft, A Senior Vice President at Paramount Pictures, A manager of an Academy Award winning Actor, A film Producer, A Technologist in Crypto Currencies, A Cryptographer, A CEO Of an Israeli Intelligence Company, An Executive of a file sharing company battling the single largest copyright battle of our time and an Entrepreneur of Several other companies I either sold or folded. I have given testimony before the most powerful committees before both houses of congress and been involved in political information operations that with my good friend Andrew Breitbart in the disclosing of information that lead to Anthony Weiner resigning from his elected office. I was the last person to Speak to Andrew Breitbart before he was killed, I have been a target of shadow agents from within our governments leaders for capturing or disclosing the nefarious and even evil activities of corrupt and greedy leaders within this country and around the world. I was a family man married for almost 30 years to a beautiful a kind woman with 2 amazing daughters and 2 grandsons. I do not tell you this to boast or to have you exalt me in anyway whatsoever. I tell you of these things so that you will understand the gravity of what I am here to disclose to you today because of all the things I have just spoken, all of it is true an easily verifiable by simple searching my name. I have either advantage or disadvantage by having a name that no other man has on earth, so searching my name will yield only results of my life on this earth. My name allows no cloak behind others. All that I have spoken is not simply the truth, but it is also incomplete because all that I have done, aside from fathering my two daughters, is worthless and gone. All that I built established, accomplished, saved, or been a part is worthless for everything that you might think it valuable. I ask you to listen to the things that I have to say. I will never monetize any videos or seek any form of monetary compensation for what I do so that my motive remains unchanged, clean from corruption that so easily happens within a bankrupt world. All things of my past are dead and gone and only the things of a new shift in consciousness remain. One of truth and one of love.


Buddy Silver

by Daniel Estulin (Author)BILDERBERG OBJECTIVES:Quotes:“Centralized Control of the People. By means of mind control, they plan to direct all humanity to obey their wishes. … under the New World Order, no middle class, only rulers and servants.”“A Zero-Growth Society. … Prosperity and progress make it impossible to implement repression, and you (Bilderberg) need repression if you hope to divide society into owners and slaves. …”“A State of Perpetual Imbalance. By artificially manufacturing crises that will put people under continual duress – … – it is possible to keep people in a perpetual state of imbalance. Too tired and strung-out to decide their own destinies, populations will be confused and demoralized …”“Centralized Control of All Education. … control of education in general is to allow One World globalists to sterilize the world’s true past. Their efforts are bearing ‘fantastic’ fruit. Today’s youth are almost completely ignorant of the lessons of history, individual liberties and the meaning of freedom …”The Book has many unique values – it presents a lot of photographs and documents listing Bilderberg meeting attendees, agendas and reports. Reader can see famous names from elites around the world, politics, US and foreign countries governments, corporate executives, scientists, and even celebrities.MORE GUNS LESS CRIME:
By (author) John R. LottOn its initial publication in 1998, John R. Lott, Jr.’s “More Guns, Less Crime” drew both lavish praise and heated criticism. More than a decade later, it continues to play a key role in ongoing arguments over gun-control laws: despite all the attacks by gun-control advocates, no one has ever been able to refute Lott’s simple, startling conclusion that more guns mean less crime.Relying on the most rigorously comprehensive data analysis ever conducted on crime statistics and right-to-carry laws, the book directly challenges common perceptions about the relationship of guns, crime, and violence. For this third edition, Lott brings his data fully up to date, incorporating recent research and changes in the law and answering a range of critics.Review quote
“A compelling book with enough hard evidence that even politicians may have to stop and pay attention. More Guns, Less Crime is an exhaustive analysis of the effect of gun possession on crime rates.” – James Bovard, Wall Street Journal

“John Lott documents how far ‘politically correct’ vested interests are willing to go to denigrate anyone who dares disagree with them. Lott has done us all a service by his thorough, thoughtful, scholarly approach to a highly controversial issue.” – Milton Friedman

“Lott’s pro-gun argument has to be examined on the merits, and its chief merit is lots of data…. If you still disagree with Lott, at least you will know what will be required to rebut a case that looks pretty near bulletproof.” – Peter Coy, Business Week

“By providing strong empirical evidence that yet another liberal policy is a cause of the very evil it purports to cure, he has permanently changed the terms of debate on gun control…. Lott’s book could hardly be more timely…. A model of the meticulous application of economics and statistics to law and policy.” – J…show more

About John R. Lott
John R. Lott, Jr., is the author of Freedomnomics and Are Predatory Commitments Credible? Who Should the Courts Believe? the latter also published by the University of Chicago Press.

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