Letter to OIC – The World must Care for the Palestinian people



Iran’s leader: Muslim countries should put aside their discords in support of Palestine



https://www.facebook.com/IsraelWC/videos/1588358971254918/?hc_ref=ARRCnhg207CAqH1gA6khbdnltUqJFBit2EBI4-6RIG4iJScVFyk0ZtoG4fTQlC-q22Q&fref=nf                Israel is a War Criminal
19 hours ago · (31 January 2018)
Very emotional video from Palestine. A Palestinian woman sees her son 12 years after being released from the Israeli / Zionists’ prison. 10,000 Palestinians in the Israeli prisons & 0 Israeli in any Palestinian prison. It’s simply the story of the occupier/colonization power against the occupied/oppressed…Shame on the so-called Arab leaders for allowing this…


25th January 2018

The World must Care for the Palestinian people

Alhumdilulah OIC Leaders,

I would like to share with you what’s my journey all about?

For your knowledge, my journey was never about Palestine but because I needed to find out what God wanted me to do I found Allah. How I Became A Muslim? http://sunflowerchongsunwah.com/how-i-became-a-muslim/ & http://sunflowerchongsunwah.com/my-calling/



Why is the Israeli Army Finally Worried About Gaza?

Imman Shaheed Mutahhari said, “Who in the world today can deny the fact that the Palestinians have the right to return home?”‘ Let’s us read the Quran, “Those who believe and emigrate from their home for the sake of God and strive in the cause of Allah with their property and their persons…”(9:20) We can at least help through our properties. By Allah it is compulsory! Just like our prayers, just like fasting. It is a compulsory Infaq.

The first question they will ask us after we die is exactly this: “What did you do with regards to Israel?” The Prophet said: “Whoever hears a Muslim calling upon the Islamic Ummah for help and does not respond, he/she is not a Muslim!”




Are you Muslims and if you are you must stand by the Palestinians through thick and thin? Lets me share with you these articles with the hope you can pick up your courage to do what is right by Allah.

The US Government is not legitimate!!

Russia Says IMF Chief Jailed For Discovering All US Gold Is Gone

Who is the real Donald Trump?


May Allah watches over all of you and gives you the wisdom to do what is right for the Palestinians for the sake of our children’s children and the world at large.


Love, light, peace, harmony, and unity,

Siti Mariam Noor (Sunflower Chong)


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