Letter to EU & OIC Leaders – World Harmony Day 20th February 2018


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6 February 2018

Dear EU & OIC Leaders,

I would like you to know World Harmony Day can be a reality because Mr. Solana secretary encouraged me to host World Harmony Day and thus World Harmony Day was born on 20th February 2002 http://sunflowerchongsunwah.com/birth-world-harmony-day-20th-february-2002/.http://www.palestinebedrockoftheworld.com/letters-to-the-world-leaders-calling-for-world-harmony-day/

My daughter Greta and I are the co-founders of the World Harmony Day (WHD) concept. After the tragic events of Sept 11, we felt compelled to swing into action in order to claim back our One World. We wanted to find a way to remind everyone living in Singapore (and eventually, the rest of the world) that things that should be uniting us were greater in number and in strength than those elements that divide us. Thus World Harmony Day was born? http://worldharmonyday.com/whd/

For the past few years since its birth, we have held a World Harmony Day gathering as a special day dedicated to the celebration of all humanity and, indeed, the very concept of humanity itself. But in 2006 I called it quit because the government did not give us the license to host such event. http://sunflowerchongsunwah.com/world-harmony-day-2006-was-the-last-event-why/ Our objective on 20th February (the day we’ve chosen for WHD) is to remind people not to take peace and harmony for granted. If peace and harmony are indeed what we want, we need to learn how to share this one world of ours and to value all human lives.

I sincerely hope on 20th February 2018 you will gather your family, friends, and community to observe a 2 min peace silence as one global family to pray for a harmonious world.

Thank you very much for your kind attention.


Love, light, peace, harmony, and unity,

Siti Miriam Noor (Sunflower Chong)

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