Incredibly Ugly Yocheved – 5th Bitch Bald!


We succeeded in getting the 5th Chow Chi Bai Bitch INCREDIBLY UGLY  YOCHEVED  Head Shave Bald!!


The Creaming – For Bald Zionist Bitch #5

Published on Nov 1, 2017

Once again, our dear Sunflower uncovers the hidden dirt on the Zionist Joos and the “evil couples”, Cunt Miriam and No Dick Sheldon Adelson and Scumbag Satanyahu and his porky pig wife, Sarah! She bravely shaving creams her head and humiliates herself for her cause. Please visit her blog at:… And her NEW Website at: And her NEW Website here:


Don’t be Fool Stanyahu is the Devil!


Report on 5th Bald Creaming


On Thu, Nov 2, 2017, at 7:18, hair_dresser <> wrote:

Dearest Sunflower and All,

Janie just sent me a message and I wanted to share it as soon as possible. Love you all, Marie

Here is what she wrote:

Hi Marie,

I got a quick feedback from my secret YouTube contact on the video I posted. It looks like Bald Zionist Bitch #5 was highly successful…his term was “very, very good”! I no longer get numbers of viewers, but that is good news no matter what the YouTube masked view numbers are showing, Great Job, Sunflower!

Some time passed after I posted the video, but then another message from Sunflower’s Powerful Friends appeared on my screen….here it is. All my love to you and Sunflower, Janie

Sunflower sister, we have intercepted another message from one of the leaders of Zionist Women Forever. We hope you find it enlightening. Please keep fighting and keep creaming! You are having an impact globally with each effort.

This is Yocheved and I am using another disguised mailbox to send this message to you, my remaining 2 sisters, leading our important Zionist cause.

I have just stepped out of a meeting with Miriam and she is furious! Our Zionist Screw did not work and the Singaporean whore has posted another idiotic creaming video! And on top of that, the Chinese slant-eyed whore is taunting Miriam over the number of pies she took to humiliate her!!! SHIT!

Miriam screamed at me: “First, you idiots told me she couldn’t take more that 8 pies, then you told me not more than 10 pies, and now she has taken 12 PIES! Are you now telling me she can’t take more than 12 pies?? You moronic bitches!

She is taunting me after I told everyone she wouldn’t be creamed again and your team would destroy her! Now she is taking even more pies and creaming her head even more. I look like a FOOL! Get out of my sight and wait outside; this stupid women has to be stopped from creaming and taking even more pies and publicly humiliating me even more! That Goyim prostitute!!”

I have stepped outside her office to write to all of you. We need a NEW PLAN…Talia’s did not work (Talia, you better think of something…Miriam is on fire right now). OK, I am being called back in by the Israeli Women…I am worried. Keep on fighting, my sisters! Yocheved


From: hair_dresser99 <>
To: Sunflower Chong <>; Janeandmarie <>
Sent: Wednesday, October 25, 2017, 11:20:58AM GMT+8
Subject: Message from Jane– from Marie

Dearest Sunflower and All,

I will send a separate message summarizing all that Jane told me that went on during the past 3 weeks because there would be too many emails if I forwarded each one, but I thought you all needed to see this one.

Jane wanted to send this after seeing it on her screen from Sunflower’s Powerful Friends, but she waited until we were through with our quiet period.

We have a new development with the Chow Chi Bai Bitches. Please read Janie’s message carefully, Love you all forever, Marie

Dear Marie, I got this message on my screen from Sunflower’s Powerful Friends, but I had to hold onto it until you contacted me. It came just a few days after the date where we couldn’t communicate. Love to all, Janie

Sunflower Sister, we intercepted another message. We hope you find it enlightening. The entire message from the ZWF member follows in its entirety:

This is Yocheved from another disguised mailbox. We have a new member for our drastically reduced Zionist Women Forever Leadership Team! We are now four strong Zionist Women Leaders and we will make the Goyim scum bow down and obey!

So, please meet Talia, who will attend our next meeting. She is an IT expert and has engineered the Zionist Screw program we are implementing now. She has clearly stated that she is unafraid of the Singaporean Whore and wants with all her might to humiliate the Chinese Slut! We will stop her idiotic head creamings and keep our hair and our dignity! Zionist Women Forever!!


On Wednesday, September 27, 2017, 7:56:18 AM GMT+8, hair_dresser<> wrote:

Dearest Sunflower and All,

I got a very important message from Janie. She had received another message from Sunflower’s powerful friends and it is critical that we pay close attention to this information.

This is what Janie said followed by the message from the Powerful Friends and then the message that they intercepted from the Zionist Women Forever and a quick message from Steve. Please read everything slowly and carefully!  Love always, Marie

Hi Marie,

I have a very important message that is critical for Sunflower and the family to know about! This message showed up on my computer screen just as I was working on getting Sunflower’s video on YouTube. I wanted you to know as soon as possible and please tell Sunflower THAT SHE MUST NOT POST THE INFORMATION I AM PROVIDING ON HER BLOGS OR IN ANY PUBLIC FORUM! Love you, Janie

The following appeared on my screen:

Sunflower Sister, we have intercepted another message from the Zionist Women Forever and after we analyzed the encryption, we were able to decode the message. It is important that you take note of this information in order to continue your valiant efforts to defeat Zionism. Keep fighting and keep creaming, Sunflower Sister! The message we received is below:

This is Yocheved and I am sending this message to you, my fellow leadership women, from a disguised mailbox. We are having far too many of our message exchanges leaked and we must protect the secrecy of what I am about to tell you with our lives!

Our Israeli and American IT teams have finally come up with a proposal to silence the Singaporean Whore. Since she is unlikely to do another one of her idiotic creaming attacks so soon, we have time to discuss the plan….we have named it “A Zionist Screw for the Singaporean Bitch”!

Our IT people tell us that as long as the Chinese prostitute, Shitflower Chong, and her moronic American Family are actively communicating in the 3 weeks between October 3rd and October 23rd, we can nail them and DESTROY their network! This is phenomenal news; we finally can stop this whore!

They need to be sending messages back and forth between their e-mail addresses in order for the plan to potentially work and our IT people tell us they can only expose the Zionist Screw Software during that period!!! No earlier and no later, but they are confident they can trace backward with the software to wipe out their e-mails and destroy Cuntflower’s Blogs, too! We can finally stop living with the threat of having our heads shaved bald and being publicly humiliated by Miriam. We will have a meeting on this soon. With all glory to Zionism, Yocheved

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