Illuminati promotes Satan but WE shine for God through our good deeds


Our Love for God will win over Satan!!



Take Our World Back!

NEIL KEENAN UPDATE: The Importance Of The Draining Of The Swamps


ILLUMINATI: Sexual Orientation

Jordan Maxwell – The Plan To Take Down The Illuminati

Published on Jan 28, 2018


Benjamin Fulford: February 5, 2018

Published on Feb 5, 2018


Russia is losing staunch ally Kazakhstan

The History Of The Turkish Khazars People –

Astana Kazakhstan – The New World Order Secret City


What you need to know about ASTANA, KAZAKHSTAN, and the ILLUMINATI



Published on Oct 8, 2017

Warren Buffet controls the drug trade in Latin America for  20 years and he is assisted by Ben Bernanke.

Alex Jones take instruction directly from the Illuminati.


Illuminati Insider Tells All Must Hear This Is Not Click Bait

Published on Feb 17, 2017

Tired of the “Fake News” Honest News Network is a Bible based media source. We discuss World events and offer a Scriptural perspective helping our listeners to grow in the knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ.


Who is the leader of the Illuminati – Shocking Insider story

Published on Oct 20, 2014

Who is the leader of the Illuminati? Not Satan but the earthly leader of the Illuminati. We also go through some interesting Illuminati Facts, worlds leaders and the Illuminati, how to illuminate the Illuminati and a very special insider story about their brainwashing techniques they apply until the day of today. Where we are going to find out who is on top of the pyramid. If Anonymous can do it, we can do it too. I invite you to join the light-workers team and help together to solve this case.

For more Illuminati related videos watch the ultimate ‘Illuminati Collection’ here:…


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