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Singapore Culture is ALL about ‘Money Making’

When we gave birth to World Harmony Day 2002 we do it for the love of humanity and this MUST be the foundation if not it will lose its true meaning.

When I discovered in 2006 one member who is a Professor borrow $16,000 from one of the members I decided not to host any more such event. When his wife found out that her husband had been cheated she called me up and screamed on top of her lung that I was responsible for her husband lose the money. Did I ask her how so? She said that if her husband did not know me he would still have his money. If I don’t help her to get back this amount she will go to the guy’s University and screamed on top of her voice that her husband had been cheated by their staff.

This unfortunate experience told me WHD is not for Singapore because it’s not easy to change the money culture that is so ingrained in the people sidekick. I, Chong Sun Wah did WHD for Almighty God and that we will stand by Him through thick and thin so that Satan cannot enter into our being!


Subject: Saturday
Date: Fri, 30 Apr 2004 20:10:55 +0800

Hi Sunflower,

I was disturbed after our conversation on Saturday like I was disturbed after the meeting at Ruobing’s. Not quite the same way but there are things, which I believe I have to let you know.

I guess the main reason why you were disappointed with this group, was because you couldn’t find a ‘builder’ from within. If what you had in mind was someone who is passionate, eloquent, focused, committed etc., I believe you would be right that such a builder is not amongst us. Maybe you are right to say that you should just let things be, and wait for the next God-sent person at the next WHD. And maybe you are right that there is someone out there, the knight in white shining army who would come and take over your burden, point us towards the light and save the rest of the world from thinking for themselves. There might be this time, but might there not also be a time for a paradigm shift?

The idea of one messiah, one leader, one builder is too old and boring, for me at least. It engenders too much for entrapment of the ego, a competition of ideas and assertion of rights. It is not that there are no good leaders. If efficiency is the measure good leadership, there are no lacks of ‘good’ leaders. But to find a leader who is able to marry spirituality with social action, and is willing to lend his/her ability without concern for the ego self that would take a gem.

Do you remember the story, which the lady shared with us at Kampong Senang? The one about the woman who had always been pinning for the palace, but found in the fact that paradise was right in her own home.

I am not suggesting that the current group represents your ‘paradise’, or that you should end your search for your ideal, whatever that may be to you. But rather than dreaming of this perfect ‘builder’, is it not better that you start initiating your ideas and vision with this group?

I have no doubt that all of us in the group have faults in one-way or the other. None of us are perfect. There is a beautiful quote which I read recently, that “God is more than a person, and God is not less than a person” God is in all of us, but until we reach that realization, we would act and react according to our limitations.

Despite what you have said of Faizah etc, I would still choose to believe that they are no less sincere about wanting to build WHD. What you may perceive as ‘selling’, another may see as ‘sharing’ especially if they believe in the benefit of their action.

Even if they are ‘selling’, is it not equally important that we support each other in their livelihood whenever possible? Of course, if it comes to a point that a person is talking mainly about his/her work/ services, that may be the point that we have to be wary. But until that happens, should we not give each other a bit more leeway, and show a little more tolerance and patience? Are these not the values that WHD’s trying to inculcate? If we are so easily divided and affected by faults and judgments and appearances, are we not then just reflecting the causes of all these conflicts in today’s world?

I guess what I’m really trying to say, is that we should give the group a bit more time. Some of us are still trying to find our direction (for eg myself), and it is not surprising therefore they are not ready to set the direction for WHD. For those who are certain what their gifts or contributions may be, let them have more opportunities to share with the group so that we may be continuously inspired by each other.

Of course, there should be more than just talk. If you want, perhaps we could have a small group discussion to talk about the blueprint for WHD. I think part of the reason why this discussion was not carried out was that most were not clear about this agenda at Michael’s meeting. I have spoken with Melissa and she can arrange a meeting with Fort Canning 1sts week May. But before that happens, we really need to get our act together to brainstorm what WHD’s going to be like for 2005.

And just to share a thought: though a gentle breeze may not attract world attention like a hurricane does, a breeze however mild can still shift fallen leaves and change a landscape, sometimes, in a way more beautiful and enduring than one can imagine.


With great love,




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