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My daughter and I are the founders of Word Harmony Day and someone from Australia contacted me and I strike out a conversation and believe me our Conversation is good for my soul. With his encouragement, I kept on writing for another 6 months.



Subject: ‘The Consciousness’
Date: Thurs, 24 Jul 2003 11:44:32 +0800

Dear Kim,

I met an American in Singapore and he told me that World Harmony Day is a good story and he said that I should write my story; it would be interesting for reading. The title of the book is ‘A Calling – World Harmony Day Story’. Can I sent it to you and hear your comments.

In 1983 that was when I escaped from my ex-husband from the Middle East I had written a poem entitled ‘The Consciousness’ and when you forward to me those articles I felt that maybe this book is meant for me to bring out the importance of ‘The Consciousness’. I took some lines from you and I also took some from Trevor.

I do not have an ‘O level’ and I hardly pick up a pen to write and if I did it was because I couldn’t control myself as a migraine was killing me softly and only when I have written all my feelings and frustrations then the pain would gradually be disappeared before I feel good about myself. Isn’t it strange?

I really hope you got the time to read my work.



Love, light, and peace


Subject: Re: Ponder
Date: Fri, 25 Jul 2003 11:44:32 +0800

Dear Sunflower,

I would be honored to read your book.



Subject: What Do You Think?
Date: Sat, 26 Jul 2003 19:09:35 -0700

Dear Kim,

“Many seekers find themselves wanting to be the teacher, thinking “I want to help humanity too,” but that kind of help is an escape also because they want to feel needed, which again is playing into the consensus belief that “I am not enough.”

How do you see the event for World Harmony Day? Do you think my daughter and I are trying to escape from something because one of the guys said that we clinked on to WHD to escape from something? He said that he could give peace every day and he does not need WHD to remind us to do so. So why on WHD 2003 he wanted to be with us?

With all this misunderstanding in what my daughter and I were trying to do, what I hope is that the book will bring out a clearer picture how WHD came about. The article that you had sent to me was so close to my heart like I am living it through doing WHD.

By the way is Ishvara a teaching of ‘new age’ thinking? I do think like the writer most of the time. He writes very well and I can hardly write but I got so much I wanted to share with others. So my book is only a personal experience how I have embarked on this lonely journey and why I needed to pursue this dream? In short, it is like an autobiography.

I still got 6 chapters, do you think you are still interested to read all of them as it is very personal and only the Singaporeans will be interested in it.


Love, light, and peace


Subject: Be Yourself
Date: Mon, 28 Jul 2003 09:36:51 +0800

Dear Sunflower,

You are you and you are doing what you feel in your heart and let the energy move you. Ishvara is I feel a very profound being. See what you resonate with in life and remember WHD is just that harmony. Harmony with all that is and when its time is finished you will know.

Please send me your material to read, it is relevant to more than Singaporeans.



Subject: Writing
Date: Mon, 28 Jul 2003 15:00:19 +0800

Dear Sunflower,

I’ve just finished reading what you sent me. It sets out a remarkable and passionate life. Your life.

So much that is in the world today creates separation and that seems to be the key element in your writing. Without separation, we would have harmony.

Here’s to World Harmony Day 2003/4.



“Unless we change direction, we are likely to end up where we are headed.” – Old Chinese Proverb

Subject: Re: Fwd: Statement of Account for
Date: Tue, 29 Jul 2003 09:37:04 +0800

Dear Sunflower,

Maybe it is now a time when you just need to look after yourself. Breathe and be.

I remember David Suzuki saying that for a long time he thought he had to save the world. Then one day he realized he couldn’t do it and he felt a great load shift from his shoulders and being.

You are doing and have done what you could. The planet is in evolution and transformation and unless we wake up as a species we may become extinct. Maybe we are the worst viruses on the planet, who knows?

Each of us can only do what we can do and be open to what is.

You don’t need to keep pushing, breathe very deeply, walk slower and allow.



Dear Kim,

What is really upsetting and bothering me is that if Asians lose our roots, traditions and values system how is the West going to learn from us? And we got so much to share with them and I believe this is the time where we should be of great influence to them. As you can see how the West has accepted acupuncture and Chinese medicines as a way of life and even the feng shui to bring harmony to their life. In the Western culture, everything is a quick fix but the Eastern goes to the roots to cure the illness or to address the problem and this is what I wanted to share with them. I have told my children that they must fight back this Capitalist world and bad influences. If we have less this does not mean we cannot be happy so I want to show the people to true happiness in everyday life like what I had achieved with my two children.

But anyway I am too much as a person and many people wanted me to see a Psychiatrist because they said that I am not normal to lead the life that I have been leading chasing an endless and impossible dream. My two ex-husbands bitted me up because I still chase dreams. My family thinks that I am crazy and I should be a good mother instead of pouring money into art pursue. They are all not happy with me for being unrealistic:(

In real term or life, now I am down and out. I just went for two job interviews, one is working in the kitchen as a trainee cook and they will not take me because in the kitchen all men. The other a trainee baker but went there the next morning post taken, I was late as I was still busy working on my book:( No paper qualification it is very difficult to get a job and I have disconnected from society all these years chasing an impossible dream to unit the world as one. I am not living in the sense of the word. Now Greta is like me where got hope? As my mother said one crazy person in the family is enough but now drag the daughter along to chase dream this is even crazier. I told Greta one of us got to work to pay the bills and one continue until someone come and take over from us and lift WHD to the four corners of the world.

But I am not frightened about life; I drive life instead of allowing life to drive me. All I got to do is to be in the driver sit constantly. In short, I must be in control of my mind and let my feeling flow with the spirit. In fact, these three months were the best months of my life because I am writing English, so happy when I write, sometimes don’t believe it was written by me:) This is the small pleasure that I got out of my long and impossible journey. When I am angry I am very productive. I am lucky because I am a positive thinker whereas others will turn negative like saying bad things about the Government, therefore it is very important to love arts to have a good soul, for this reason, I got my children to take piano lessons and dancing. Love arts then will love God. That is how I think and it has become my belief. Therefore, I want every child to have some kind of arts they can learn and enjoy to feed their soul and not like many young kids now smoking and drinking and do not know what to do with their life?

In short, they do not have a sense of the future. What a waste of their youth and I make sure it does not happen to my children, for this reason, I must do my best to contribute to this troubled world to show them the way to feed their souls in order to be sane in this insane world!


Love, light, and peace

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