Cheyenne Cherokee U n your cronies with obscene salaries are a threat unto yourself n the country. The old guards, albeit with their mistakes did a better job than the present generation of leaders. The list is too long to go thru. One glaring failed policy is CECA, this is the final straw that will break the camel’s back, leading to the downfall of Sinkapoor!



Lau Goh Lu kong SIMI LJ 😡 Sorry about my expression but seriously what threat is this Clown talking about? Let’s examine the threats that you and your Party Leadership have created thus far:

a. Threat to our judiciary system when Ah Loong used the Parleement to counter attack his Sibblings abused his power and authority by appointing his own Laywers who passed the retirement age to the highest office of the Court of Law that is the threat we need to address.

b. The appointment of Ho Jinx as CEO of TH under the direct influence of GIC using the CPF Monies of the Nation and investing into failed Investment countless time without accountability and transparency that is a threat to the Nations Wealth.

c. Ah Loong forked tongue Critiquing China when In USA and Critiquing USA when in China playing a dangerous political disastrous games at the expense of Singaporeans and Singapore when you open you CB mouth and brought wrath of North Korea and the likes

d. You together with Ho Jinx lacked prudency by flying private owned aircraft and asking the nation citizens to expect tax increase. But isn’t that the greatest threat to us rather than those external threats?

Listen woody Goh Chock Tiong I can go and on but cut long story short, Our threat is the PAP and the bunch of idiots you have in your ministerial cabinets who are diminishing the Nations Wealth by paying such salaries and not producing enough growth to the economy. Citizens are slowly but surely losing their jobs through foreign cheap labor imports and it has systematically and calculatingly penetrated into the Government Ministries just to silent the majority into subserviently at the mercy of your incompetent government that even a terrorist threats or North Korea attacking us does it make any difference. ISIS is your making as proven through times that they can appear and disappear at the moment your Government feels threatened. Our neighbors never complained about ISIS but Singapore?


Sharing My Vision of Architecture

Why Did PM Goh Creates Gates For Us All The Times Besides Taking Us For A Ride?

“No gate stands on the public road.

Those who pass this barrier

Walk freely throughout the universe.” – Alan Watts

Why does the authority still believe the people are not ready to take over responsibility in shaping the nation through our joint contributions? If that is so why did PNM Goh Chok Tong called upon the people to give ideas?

On the Straits Times, 14 October 1999 PM Goh Chok Tong called upon the whole nation to come forward to contribute ideas – “Big ideas or small ideas, let them flow. Turn Singapore into a nation of ideas”,

“Set up citizens’ ideas teams and let the ideas flow. This invitation came from PM Goh in parliament yesterday when he said the Government was serious about consulting people and getting them to participate in national issues. Having given Singaporeans physical stakes in the country, it now wanted to deepen their emotional stakes. He said: “This is why I have made consultation and participation one of the Government’s major goals. It is to give Singaporeans a bigger say in their own future, and thus bond them to Singapore.”

With these words, the Prime Minister threw his weight behind the centerpiece of government policy that was spelled out by president S.R. Nathan last week in his address to parliament. Mr. Goh had first issued his rallying call to ‘move beyond material progress, to a society which places people at its very center” when he opened the last parliamentary session in June 1997. Yesterday, speaking during the last day of debate on the president’s Address, he reaffirmed the vision. He said that the economic crisis Singapore had experienced since then underscored the importance of harnessing people’s ideas and energy in a volatile environment. Singapore could make it as a first-world economy, but faced a tougher challenge of creating a world-class home, he said. To help create a home where citizens felt they belong, “where they are king and where they can decorate and arrange the furniture the way they like”, the Government would give people more scope to take part in national affairs, he said.

“We now want to go beyond feedback on how policies affect people, to encouraging Singaporeans to submit constructive suggestions and new ideas.” He urges Singaporeans to form themselves into work improvement teams to submit ideas on any aspect of government. “We will introduce an award scheme to give symbolic recognition for useful ideas put by Singaporeans, either individually or as a team.”

Those were magic words to my ears, can you imagine how excited and thrilled I was after I read from the paper that the Government wanted ideas even from the ‘small people’, because this means it was ‘Official’ that we could submit our big ideas to the Government and this means I don’t need to take all the nonsense and protocol from the civil servants and the best thing was that they cannot refuse my proposal? What do I mean by it?

This was what civil servants will reply to you when you knock at their doors, “Don’t waste your time, the Government will not listen, we know them.” Or this was what they will say, “Why your skin is not white if it is you got a better chance like Mr. Ian Batey who was nothing but became somebody because the Government gave him the opportunity to prove himself.” Some other civil servants said, ”Why you are not so and so, if you are maybe they will listen to you” or “If you know so and so, maybe they will give ‘face’ to the so and so, and you might have a chance to talk to the ministers and present your proposals.” The last comment came from a Singaporean businessman, “If only they could give you just ONE chance, you will go very far, but unfortunately this one chance will be very difficult for you to get.” And this one from URA top gun, “Why don’t you asked Lee Kuan Yew as he decides everything, not us we just follow the order.”

Yet after knowing all these setbacks I still keep going this means I went in with my eyes open and not closed. This is my Singapore so I must do my best to bring out my great vision for Singapore so that she will not be history. I didn’t have any regret, instead filled with great joy to discover so much of myself due to the need to contribute ideas to make Singapore great in elevating architecture to greater heights. Many of my friends were upset with me because they said that the architect can fight their own better, they didn’t need me to do it and they wanted me to use my intelligent wisely like in business instead of wasting money on architecture.

Trust me, when I read the paper I still couldn’t believe what I had read that I read it again ten more times. In my subconscious I wondered have I indirectly influenced them due to my SAC and National Library proposals that I had submitted to them as Joyce from SAC had told me that Ex-President Ong Teng Cheong had said some encouraging and good words on my proposal to SAC. (If only he knew it was done by his firm.) I had also submitted my National library proposal to him. When I had lunch with an architect, he told me not to spoil the market by giving free proposals to the Government because Ex-president Ong told him, “If Sunflower can do it, why can’t you all do the same”. He said that I could keep spending my money because of my belief and passion but they could not as their professions were their rice bowl. He was upset with me because if I keep doing so that the Government expected them to contribute ideas free of charge too. After hearing what he had told me, I worked even harder for Singapore to encourage my fellowmen that this is the only way to change the mindset of the Government. Maybe very soon the Government will loosen up the grip of control and allowed us to have more say in the future urban development especially at Marina South Downtown because I don’t think Professor Tange knows what we Singaporeans wanted.

Therefore, this special invitation by the Government to rally the people to make Singapore into a nation with ideas was the greatest opportunity for me to bring out my vision how to create the New Renaissance because as an ordinary Singaporean you just can’t tell the Government that the study they had done for the New Renaissance was not ideal or incorrect. Dr. Tan Chin Nam’s team proposed the site at NUS but base on my study I felt SMU site is m ideal and conducive to create the New Renaissance. Just to share with them that Singapore Renaissance is at SMU site and not on NUS site, I must go the mile again to prove my case in order to gain the respect of the Government, just like what I had done for the new satay club venue that URA had planned for in Marina South. (That area was not ideal at all for the satay club and in order to convince the Government to locate the satay club at the SAC, I got to present my case professionally by coming out with a proposal for the SAC.) I can’t wait to present my masterplan for SMU to influence the Government to turn SMU into a Humanities University (Everyone thinks I was crazy and daring to challenge the Government final decision. By giving the proposal I was not challenging anyone but to give the authority an alternative solution or idea compared to the one they had commission to the foreign architect firm.)

The Government wanted us to do many great things for the nation; the next minute if the environment or situation is not conducive (just like what had happened on WHD 2003) they can just make life difficult for you and forget about the principle. It is very confusing for the people and this is not fair to the people at all!  Great example on WHD 2003 the Youth Council agreed to give us the venue for free on that night but on the condition that they will be the co-host but refused to participate or contribute anything except to provide a banner. Then when things were not right instead of sticking by us like real partners do through thick and thin, they left us high and dry hanging halfway in thin air and don’t want their name to be associated with us. Respect and trust are earned and not because you are the authority it is your right?

Respect must be earned and should not be demanded like in a Confucianist society? We must not forget that Singapore is a democratic society as strongly declared by Mr. Lee Kuan Yew. In the remaking of Singapore, the Government new mindset must respect the people intellect, understanding and last but not least must always listen to the people at large and also to the foreigners because the Government got nothing to loss but everything to gain on the hindsight.

After WHD 2003 I told my daughter I wanted to wash my hand from all kind of activities that involved the Government and yet she got me involved with the ‘Kindness Week’. To cut the long story short, I screamed at my daughter to ask the civil servants to make up their mind what they wanted from us. They had already agreed to do the banner with WHD to give it to Tan Tock Seng Hospital, last minute they change their mind and decided to do one strictly under their name. So I told my daughter I do not have time to waste with these bunch of people. I got to come out my money to pay for it and when they change their mind I wondered who was going to pay for it, therefore I decided not to pay for the banner and instead push the responsibility back to them.

So how do you expect the people especially me to respect, trust or to have any faith and confidence in the Government? When the Government could not handle things then they blamed the people for not being proactive and for not having a mind of our own! Where are the civic societies? And when we try to form one, instead of supporting us, they make life difficult for us. What do all these actions tell us? The Government is not ready for the people to participate unless it is their project. If we don’t have active civic societies, the Government should know better instead of wandering in the jungle?

The Government’s rule had not been interrupted all these decades, so how come the people still cannot think for themselves! There are many young Singaporeans wanted to migrate, aren’t the Government worried? I really wonder without a belief and passion how far Singapore will go? Why did I take PM Goh seriously? PAPS are men with words of honor, what they promised they would deliver? I respected the PAP government especially PM Goh whose heart is well known that he cared for the feelings of the people. What happened to the promised of SWISS Standard by 1999 by PM Goh?

Did PM Goh know that the Swiss standard in Switzerland, all their old folks are enjoying their life at old age, while ours are cleaning toilets and cleaners in hawker centers? Now tell me what kind of a standard are we in now? Is the Government simply saying that Singapore can’t make it is the fault of the people because we can’t think for ourselves! Now answer me honestly, who put us in this little box in the first place? If it is not the Government who else, do you think we are so stupid that we love to live in a box! Who in the first place made Singapore? Is it the people or the PAP government? If it was the people who had made Singapore then why can’t we open our mouth even to talk, so how could the people be the one have to make Singapore? So if it is the Government that had made Singapore all along then why were the people to be blamed for what had happened at this recent crisis? Is that why we were asked to think out of a box in order to remake Singapore? We were definitely not the one that had to push the standard of living high as the economy was planned all along by the PAP government and the whole world knew about it?

If I am not wrong, I thought we were brought up to understand that it was the Government job to govern, while the people jobs were to listen and listen obediently without questioning? This means we are a perfect and ideal society? In whose eyes was it perfect? Now, why this sudden need for the people to give the input to ‘Remake Singapore’ because in the first place Singapore did not make by the people all these decades? So could I understand that the Government now realized that for Singapore to work the people must participate? If that is the case then the Government must accept the recommendations wholeheartedly and not only when it suits them. Please don’t waste our time and money anymore if you are not serious about respecting our views. As I said the remaking of Singapore must be a two-way traffic if not the whole exercise will be seen as not genuine intentions on the side of the Government.

My greatest fault was that I took PM Goh words too seriously and never once doubted his sincerity because PM Goh said that he is giving Singaporeans a bigger say in our own future, and thus bond us to Singapore. Unfortunately, when I called his office to submit my big idea, it was rejected on the basis that it was not their department to handle this kind of submission. Then I asked the secretary where could I go to submit my proposal and he told me to go to Mita. And from here it’s merry go round all the way until I managed to convince the project director from SMU to let me submit my concept design for the competition along with an architect firm. (Even at this juncture there were so many walls to climb.)

Many people including my family were very upset with me for spending more money again on architecture. They said that my whole exercise was just to give ideas to them, why so stupid? What to do, I found my new toy or passion and unfortunately, it was an expensive passion:( I love Singapore, therefore if the Government going to spend millions of dollars on the structure, I got to make sure that SMU is going to build right for the future generation. You just can’t have a full-scale Business University without Humanities study. Anyway, I did take my friend advised and didn’t get any foreign architect firm to help me out in the SMU competition proposal although the American said that I got a winning design. What is the point to spend the money because once the civil servants see a Westerner they will not talk to an individual like me?

When the Government called upon the people to give ideas I thought they are piling the foundation for nation building to participate in helping shape Singapore future. PM Goh even said that if the Government liked the ideas they would reward us. Look at what had happened to Mr. Tan idea of the mobile food van that had been accepted by the Government? Mr. Tan was not rewarded as promised by the Government instead others people profited from his idea. Is that fair? Do you think the people will take the Governments words for real next time round like in remaking Singapore? What kind of Singapore are we living in or should I say what kind of Government are we having? Turning us around and upside down and inside out! Mr. Pang Seng Kwang had written an interesting article.


No Harm In Rewarding Good Ideas

“I refer to Mr. Chris Soh’s rebuttal (Today, 14 July 03) of Mr. Lee Han Shih’s entrepreneurship article and the URA’s response to (Today, 15 July 03).

I am sure Mr. Lee’s article was centered on the need to reward and encourage Singaporeans with good ideas and not on Mr. Soh’s view that rewards are meant only for the proven best. Although rewarding the best may be the prize for success, there is no harm in dishing out appetizers to help inexperienced potentials make that vital first step in their long and arduous entrepreneurial journey.

In addition, I am sure both Mr. David Tan Cheng Peng, who lobbied the hardest for the meal-on-wheels idea, and Mr. Lee is only expressing their disappointment and is now looking forward to new opportunities. At the moment, the Government has recognized that it is important for Singapore to foster entrepreneurship. It would be paradoxical for the same Government to administer the process in a bureaucratic way.

The URA’s use of balloting is not wrong but if a number of people, like Mr. Tan, had written in prior to the approval of mobile F&B, these pioneers should be recognized for their efforts. It is through them that a new opportunity to make a decent living has been made available to many of the current depressed economic conditions.

Although examples of public support for the URA’s decision to the ballot were cited, the ultimate decision should still rest with the authority. If no due recognition for people with good ideas were given, entrepreneurs would be skeptical of the Government’s pledge of support for them. Let us not further discourage our fledgling entrepreneurs by closing the door on the inspired few.”


Why Didn’t PM Goh Anticipate That We Would Take Upon His Challenge Seriously And Wholeheartedly?

Sun-Tzu says: “The good commander seeks virtues and goes about disciplining himself according to the laws so as to effect control over his success.” Call them core values, principles, habits, models or icons. But we all need something to guide our actions. Sun Tzu advocates something far easier to understand: his five virtues of wisdom, sincerity, benevolence, courage, and strictness.

“Wisdom comes when we add spirit or passion to our learning. Sincerity is about treating others the way we want to be treated. Benevolence is about being kind. Courage enables us to act in confidence and, to admit our mistakes readily. Strictness is when we impose self-disciple, as in trying to put the five mentioned virtues into practice.”

The secret of Success is really to have the discipline to put our words into action, does PM Goh Chok Tong has this resolve? If he has then why had he not set up a mechanism to collect all these ideas from the people, instead of making us travel around the world yet I did not manage to get the civil servants to accept my proposals?  The person I contacted in his office is Ong Keng Yong and he was surprised instead told me he had not heard of it. PM Goh Chok Tong said that he wanted to give us Emotional Stake, instead of giving us emotional stake; in fact, he gave Sunflower Chong Sun Wah ‘Emotional Stress’ until I got lose jaw then as the anxiety gets worse I got locked jaw, bui tahun!

From what I had learned from school as a young child was that the Singaporean identity would evolve through our common language English. For this reason, the past government paved the foundation for English to be the common language in order for us to be less Chinese, Malay and Indian and gradually the true Singaporean identity will emerge. The next process instead of just tolerance we should have the courage to embark on the journey to have an open discussion on the different cultures but unfortunately, the Government did not make any effort in this area, so how could we move forward to integrate cultures? We only tolerate one another by not speaking up, is this healthy for nation building? Either the Government does not know how to go about integrating cultures or they felt it was not important as economic took center stage above everything. So obviously, now we are facing this dilemma in regard to our identity as Singaporean.

Since PAP government was in power they had taken over our way of thinking. And now due to the need to get the Chinese to speak Mandarin at the expanse of the minorities, our way of life are being disrupted. Why? Doesn’t the Government know that we can be one people, one nation, and one Singapore all these decades was due to our spoken language English? Maybe the Government should come out with a clear definition of our identity? What is a Singaporean?

I can’t see life like most Singaporeans to be disconnected with the affairs of Singapore’s future development when I know in my conscious that this Chinese language promotion will bring a lot of unhappiness to the people at large especially to the minority groups when the Government go overboard in promoting it on behalf of the Chinese community. All these years of nation-building English had been our main language but now Brig Geroge Yeo said it’s a working language. Why a sudden change in our belief? Really cannot Tahun this government can change everything as and when they feel like it or to suit the occasion.

If PM Goh is really sincere in wanting us to have an emotional stake, so why weren’t we be given the opportunity to speak up or develop the master plan of SMU, instead the authority of SMU got an American consultant to do the masterplan? We did not say that foreign participation was not allowed, but at least the Government should start with fair play – both locals and foreigners compete – who got better ideas and not just the skills. Don’t we as the citizen of Singapore at least deserve such respect? If the Government thinks less of us how to expect others to give us any respect?

Sun-Tzu said, “Sincerity is about treating others the way we want to be treated,” was PM Goh serious and sincere when he made this offer to the people? Or he did not anticipate that we would take this challenge seriously and wholeheartedly (because Singaporeans are known to be robots) and even give our life to achieve this goal? PM Goh was not serious when he said that he wanted to give Singaporeans an emotional stake and a bigger say in our future, and thus bond us to Singapore because he treated us like children – promise to give us a new toy and later forget his promise and when you go to him he ignored you outright.


More Action, fewer Words “PLEASE”

Honest to God, I had been working my brain out on the Asian Renaissance proposal, (unlike the Government they got the whole machinery and money to do it while I was all alone,) until I got loose and locked jaw due to heavy thinking and thus stress. I went to various doctors and finally, the doctor from Singapore General Hospital from the Dental Department advised me to stop thinking. He said that if I went on in this manner I must get a jaw operation and it was a very dangerous surgery. It seemed based on his explanation the brain got not many muscles (only four) and if I overworked the muscles and when it snaps, this means I will get to go to the mental hospital. No wondered many people who knew what I was chasing they said, “ Sunflower do you want to go to the Singapore Woodbridge Hospital?” This means even in my sleep I think and the best part of it all was that the doctor said that he got no medication for me; instead, I got to fill up some questionnaires.

After answering all the questions (included sex topic but not political one ha! ha!) he asked me what was bothering me and I told him Singapore’s future and ASEAN’s future. He must have flipped off! But sitting on that high chair in front of him I was so serious and I looked very sick like the world is falling apart (if I don’t do something they will build a building in front of Cathay building,) depressed because I was not getting anywhere and can’t really open my mouth to speak. He told me, “I’m not asking you to stop chasing your dreams, but I want you to put Singapore and ASEAN aside to let your brain rest because it had been overwork.” He told me that he was afraid I got a depression that now after reading the questionnaires, he said that it was stressed (I did not answer honestly when one of the questionnaires asked do I wept out of no reason,) that caused my jaw problem – The New Renaissance for Singapore caused my jaw problem because I wanted Singapore to be the Brain and Soul of the World through the rise of Great Architecture!

In the eyes of my family and friends, I was a sad woman chasing an unrealistic dream and Bro Jo and his friend Bob Lasher were in it too, we were all together to bring Singapore to greater heights in new kind of architecture. Poor Bro Jo with his friend Mr. Bob Lasher got to go to varies departments to present the idea of the “Brain project” to integrate with my concept design of the New Renaissance to make Singapore known as the “Brain and Soul of the World”. The frustration of Bro Jo was so deep that when I mentioned about the Arts University, immediately he said angrily, “Don’t talk to me of any art school, I had enough of schools!” So instead of paying the foreign architect to do my proposal as the local one refused me, I would rather give all the money to Bro Jo and I bought the “Flying Golden Deer” from him and donated it to SMU. I hope that the “Flying Golden Deer” will keep an eye on the officials on our behalf and guide the SMU authority to make the right decision for SMU future development into the New Renaissance for Singapore.

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