Published on Feb 6, 2013
The Great Awakening Speech that deserves much more attention. Empowers and invites humanity to change the way it thinks and perceives reality. On 9-11-2011 The ‘tracker of truth’ Mike Ruppert evoked a powerful, inspiring, selfless message of incorruptible truth and awareness; shining a bright light in an age of darkness and deceit.

Succession Planning Called Into Question

“Lee Hsien Loong wears two faces” – LWL & LHL reinforce allegations and offer ceasefire

Lee Hsien Loong Retiring From Premiership In Shame

A wasted prime ministership



at the annual ruling party PAP convention, Prime Minister called for citizens to trust his dictatorship and support his “hard choices”:

“The people must support the PAP, and most of all, they must trust the PAP. They must know that the PAP cares about them, and is working to improve their lives. It is also important to make hard choices, take difficult decisions and be upfront about it with Singaporeans. Explain to them why we need to do it, and get their support. Even if people may not like the specific policy, we must convince them that we are doing it with good intentions, and for good reasons. The PAP earned the people’s trust the hard way, and it must never take it for granted or fritter it away”

Is the PAP working to improve your lives?


States Times Review

January 1 at 11:39am

It may sound crass but my New Year wish is for Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong to get terminal cancer. Having seen how cancer brought pain and sufferings to my loved ones, I fully understand what I am really wishing for.

My primary wish for Singapore is to be a better society, and this warrants the death of the dictator. His policies are literally killing Singaporeans – employment, education, healthcare, quality of life, meritocracy, equality, democracy and you-name-it, every aspect of our Singaporean lifestyle has been deteriorating each year since Lee Hsien Loong came to power in 2003.

If Lee Hsien Loong is not already scum enough shamelessly drawing the world’s highest salaries at S$2.6 million a year from our coffers, the useless son of Lee Kuan Yew destroyed our very own Singaporean value system. We Singaporeans grow up in law-abiding, valuing meritocracy, multiculturalism and equality as cornerstones of Singapore. Lee Hsien Loong ruined it all with his election fixing antics during the Presidential Election. An Indian became Malay and an election was won with disqualification of opponent contestants. The Parliament became his playground, and he openly abused power to overwrite his late father’s will. A dishonourable son indeed, as Lee Wei Ling succinctly put in. Lee Hsien Loong banished his younger brother and now wants to put his nephew Li Shengwu to prison because the Harvard professor-to-be is more capable than his own three sons. Lee Hsien Loong even planted his son Li Hongyi as director of Ministry of Communications and Information, so he could then hand over the premiership as his father did for him.

The political system is beyond repair, democracy is dead, with the stupid old man who is more interested growing his popularity taking selfies like an Instagram celebrity. The worst about Lee Hsien Loong is his reverse-Robinhood policies, every single year without fail robbing the poor to feed the rich. CPF money are leaking away with devious schemes like insurances, and despite the fake news generated by the state media, the best measurement of CPF’s success is still in the number of elderly struggling to make a living in Singapore. Elderly, many much older than Lee Hsien Loong, are still working 8-hour shifts on S$5 an hour as cleaners and security guards. Like uneducated foreigners, Singaporean elderly is a common source of slave labour in Singapore, is my answer to foreigner friends who visited Singapore. Despite given dictatorial powers and controls, Lee Hsien Loong could not deliver a decent standard of living for the people.

The last straw that made me wrote this article is the numerous news of inflation coming in 2018. It has become even unbearable for me here in Australia having to write doom and gloom about Singapore everyday. My condolences to those living in Singapore bearing the full consequences of Lee Hsien Loong’s mistakes.

Everything is so wrong and corrupted, that an outright death penalty for Lee Hsien Loong is considered only a reduced sentence. For the good of Singapore, I wish him a slow and painful death. This is beyond politics or hatred, Singapore needs Lee Hsien Loong to pay for his crimes.

STR Editor
Alex Tan

Lee Hsien Loong: Singaporeans must trust the PAP, democracy do not represent the common man

Sarah Leong

22 hrsSingapore


He says we Germans pay 35% tax but we get non-employment benefits free education free health care and insurance and most of all retirement benefits.

He says You Singaporeans pay your CPF 20% + 15%, what you get? When you jobless what you get? When you sick what you get? When retire what you get?

And he says this in addition to income tax and also COE [car tax]. He says it just garhmen dun call it tax

I say no…CPF can be used for HDB and property purchase! He armchio at me and shows me the apartment I could get in Germany for the price of HDB in Singapore. 350k sgd can already own landed.

Then I say this house far from the city, you need to drive, cars are expensive! He armchio again at me and shows me the price of Audi. Cost 25k euro and drive till it breaks.

He asks why are you so worse off in your so-called ” low tax ” environment compare to our high tax environment??? He says bcos a lot of taxes in Singapore are not called tax.

This post first appeared in a popular local forum.

Economists discredit Minister Lim Swee Say: GDP growth is not government’s effort
Losing billions of dollars still, want to claim credit for GDP growth!

Knows how to claim credit when it is not yours
and blame other people when it is your own mistake!

Aiyoh 😣😣 very pathetically shameful!😡😨

Not shy meh?


Chong Wen Wah

Quote by Singapore Notes.
Excerpt from Lessons from the Titanic

At a People’s Action Party (PAP) lunch-time rally at the promenade area beside UOB Plaza yesterday, you have heard how prime minister Lee Hsien Loong tackles wrong-doing and corruption in high places in Singapore:

“That’s why we have the CPIB reporting to me as PM, and if I don’t give approval to the CPIB to investigate somebody, the CPIB can go to the president and ask the president for approval. The president says yes, and the CPIB can proceed, against the PM.”

The argument would have been more convincing if the president were not related to him by family ties.


1 . All the obscenely paid Ministers who are corruption free because CPIB reporting to him as PM must get his approval first or else the CPIB will go to the President to go against him?

2. Who is The President? Tony Tan was a relative of LKY, the wife’s side. Now with Halimah, a puppet what can she do?

3. That is why he does not want someone like Tan Cheng Bock or someone like Ong Teng Cheong.


Taxes will go up as investment needs and social spending grow: PM Lee




The Central Provident Fund (CPF) has announced a 4.8% increase to the mandatory Minimum Sum for Medicare (now called the “Basic Healthcare Sum”) to S$54,500 from S$52,000. This will generate a potential S$5 billion for Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong’s GIC and his wife’s Temasek Holdings, where the husband and wife are Chairman and CEO respectively.

CPF did not explain why the 4.8% increase exceeds by more than 12 times the yearly inflation figure of 0.4% as of Sep 2017.

Under direct order from the Prime Minister’s Office, the CPF Board under the Ministry of Manpower will also depress CPF interest rate at 2.5% per annum – the lowest return as compared to retirement and superannuation funds worldwide.…/cpf-medicare-minimum-sum-i…/



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There we go, “CAT IS OUT OF THE BAG”. There is a seriously breach of losses after losses because prudence and lavish spending was totally ignored and now we are nearing the reds so they needed a distraction plan. And that is to talk about the most dreaded topic raising the GST to 10% or increasing the taxes. They unleashed the Barking Bitch to further exemplify the threats and distraction So everyone and everybody (SINGAPOREANS) to bark back so that the full force of the diversionary tactics takes into effect.

Yes Singaporeans By and Large are ASSETS RICH BUT CASH STRAPPED. And the solution is rather simple if they are the ones who wounded the Economy than they PAPG should treat their OWN WOUNDS AND HEAL THE ECONOMY:


b. 50% PAY CUT OF ALL MPs, in any case, they have multiple paying jobs so no issue at all.

c. All Civil Servants to have an immediate pay freeze and no bonuses at all till the economy recovers hopefully.

d. Immediately sack Ho Ching and Everyone heading the Temasek Holding and GIC and get fresh new, young talented aspiring Talents to take the helms and restore the Economy set out by past Government.

e. Finally Singaporeans By and Large Should gather together in Large force and Stage A Peaceful Revolution to Dismiss this Government for causing pain and distress to our Economy and reverse the Economy back on path as a Ist World Economy and not a 3rd World Economy we have become.



Seriously Tony Tan? Are kidding me or what? Six freaking years you were the President what have you done? You were completely in “RADIO SILENCE”. What good you did for Singaporeans or Singapore? But you screwed up this Nation and try rebutting these allegations against you and I stand corrected:

a. Did you not allowed your Son Patrick Tan to skipped NS and continue with his studies and worst still worked at MINDEF Scientist Department when all other Singaporeans NSFs were not given such luxury. TRUE OR FALSE?

b. You were part of the GIC SYNDICATE before you assumed the position of President, did you not incurred unexplained and unaccountable losses? YES OR NO?

c. As President of Singapore 🇸🇬 you have the Power and Authority to Stop the Abuse of The Prime Minister using his Authoritative Power to hide behind the Parliament to fight off his Siblings matters regarding 38 Oxley Road. What did you do? You completely kept silent over all the matters and allowed the abuse to prevail unchallenged Constitutionally. YES OR NO?

d. What Achievements and Economic Growth have you brought about during your reign as President. You got to travel many times isn’t it so? But you chose to cite one achievement and that of Joseph Schooling. Isn’t it a mockery when you and the Government did nothing help nurture this boy Joseph Schooling and many like Joseph Schooling were not even given exemption from NS but your Son Patrick Tan got an exemption is this fair?

Tony Tan Kim Yam I can go on and on talking about your bullocks but you don’t have the right to talk about anything right now as you are no longer a President so behave as an employee of Lee Hsien Loon and Ho Ching for they are your Bosses at GIC and TH Respectively and go back please go back to RADIO SILENCE IF NOT ELECTRONIC SILENCE. IN HOKKIEN THERE IS A BEAUTIFUL SAYING, TIAM TIAM MAI KONG L.J WAY.




Just to recap why it is so:

a. How Many Singaporeans Truly Understand The CPF Scheme or popularly called COUNTRY’S PONZI FUNDS. Do you know that Civil Servants will get their payouts at 60 whilst all others will get theirs at 65 pr 70 or 75 years of age.

b. How many are aware that the Pigeon Hole (PH) you are staying also popularly known as HDB. And you are just a Tenant Renting your PH from HDB but you are paying for property tax which the Landlord HDB should be paying.

c. How many Singaporeans are aware that though we are paying the lowest Personal Income Tax but we are actually being taxed in almost for every other luxury stuffs.

d. How many Singaporeans are aware that the Constitution of Singapore is being toyed around to change almost every imaginable policies by the Government and the Citizens have not say in it.

These are but the many stuffs Singaporeans By and Large are so ignorant because they subscribe to the theory if it does not hurt me and my family why bother. Precisely that self-centred mentality so prevalent that the Government knew how weak daft and dumb the population is that they were silently and quietly bringing in more and more foreigners and filling them up in Government Office so that the hypocrisy and secrecy of information could be sustained perpetually. GOD BLESS THE IGNORANT SINGAPOREANS

LTA, SMRT to bear cost of additional buses deployed for train network closures


November 15 2017, at 1:30pm ·

*Ex-consultant leaked this on the MRT breakdowns.*

He says too many people there don’t know what is going on. He was trying to look at the drawings on the cables and no one knew what the cables were for.

He dug up old drawings and even got his men down to look at the cables, no one could tell him what the cables were for.

The cables are old and worn out. He needs to know what they are for, before recommending for them to be replaced or decommissioned.

He tried asking around. No one could tell him what to do. This endless cycle of looking at cables and trying to figure out what to do, drags on and on.

Have you noticed, new train lines are given to new contractors. He mentioned the circle line. It is obvious, the previous team heading the old lines are not doing well. He shakes his head. Given there are only 3-4 hours each night to review the maintenance of the lines, how to get things done. How to solve problems with no details on how to solve them.

He doesn’t want to come out in public on this. He says its only a matter of time before we see more breakdowns.

Machines need to rest. You can’t expect the train to run every day with only 3-4 hours for maintenance and not break down. What about redundancy in work processes? Can you shut down a line and get another line to run to cover? The ex consultant says this MRT system has critical issues. There are just too many problems and too many people drawing super scale salaries don’t know, yet pretending to know. How many times he went into meetings, only to be told that it is not possible. He says, fix it by doing a thorough check. You can’t just do patch-up work every time there is a problem. By doing a thorough check, you can uncover more potential problems.

No! cannot shut down the line for maintenance. This is the what MRT engineers told him.

He shakes his head and says every time he went for meetings, the meetings were a drag. No one wants to put their head on the chopping block to recommend a complete shutdown for repairs.

He claims, he decided it’s better this consultant job be given to others. He quit.

In many Temasek run companies, they keep changing CEO or dept heads, usually from outside Sg. These new heads bring with them their own breed (team) & will not hesitate to sack the existing team at the slightest excuse, to be replaced by his own kind. Regardless of how experienced, hardworking or talented the existing guys are, even in critical positions where experience & irreplaceable firsthand knowledge is vital to the operations.

An experienced guy with 20 yrs experience can pick up the right wire even with one eye closed.

The problem is MRT does not appreciate such people, instead they promote and reward their own cronies, and retrench or retire these people and indirectly retire the knowledge and know-how that is so vital to finding the right wire to resolving these issues.

Why is it always signal problems. I think if it’s one time or two times, still ok. But same excuse used every time. I wonder if there is more to it. Suggest the MRT engineers take a pay cut every time there is a breakdown, then see who can solve the problem.

Those who got terminated will not tell the new staff everything, but withhold it. After all , they already being terminated, why do they want to tell everything?

The consultant told me, MRT meetings will never get things done. Every time he submitted a proposal, he was told to wait for approval. Several meetings later, new proposal is needed, the original proposal is already expired.

Replacing a local engineering team with cheaper Pinoy or Indian engineers has saved them a lot of money so that the CEO and directors can enjoy bigger bonuses and a pay rise every year. Worse is when they bring in the army cronies who only suck $$$ instead of doing real work. They have zero knowledge in managing a transport system let alone run a nation’s transport system. A recipe for disaster. Now the only way is to sack the CEO and bring in REAL TALENT to overhaul the system.

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