My teacher said, “Don’t waste your time chasing after money, and go chase your rainbows to connect with your soul and then write your book because if the story is an interesting one people will read.” Not only have I written a book but to my surprise quite a few:)



God Heard My Cries


“After I had escaped from my ex-husband George Y Habib in late 1983 from Abu Dhabi, I poured out all my feeling in poems.”



Art must be part of living


“Arts is an ideology with the power to change the course of history. Arts must be part of living”



Vision of a World Library


A Library with 4 Million books because my aspiration is for Singapore to be the heart and soul of the world.



Inspiration from GOD


“Architecture is not just lines but an aspiration from God.” A Proposal specially prepared for DPM Lee Hsien Loong to save the green field in front of Cathay Building.



Searching for 'The Voice' in my dream


“The Conscious is the Presence of God. Is World Harmony Day the voice that I had heard in my dream?”



My ASEAN House Journey

"ASEAN'S Future is Our Future. A House with A SOUL thus is the foundation that will bring us together as one BIG ASIAN FAMILY."