“Sunflower thank you for giving birth to World Harmony Day and you must stay strong and don’t give up until someone takes over from you! In my ears, I heard God’s Voice so now you know why I Never Give Up until someone will carry this mantle. ‘If the mountain will not come to Muhammad, then Muhammad must go to the mountain’ so this will be my next job:(


World Harmony Day 2002 

An Experience of a Lifetime in the Spirit of Peace, Harmony & Unity

“Although you could not be physically present tonight, we know you were there in the spirit of peace and harmony”

It was an experience of a lifetime for approximately 300 over people Present on World Harmony Day – 200220022002 at Fountain of Wealth, Suntec City (www.sunteccity.com.sg). People from different walks of life gathered on World Harmony Day to Focus on World Peace and their Own Peace. So many so-called ‘realists’ deemed the whole project an impossible task, yet on World Harmony Day we proved them wrong.

The philosophy behind the Fountain of Wealth is that “The Wealth of the World is in Your Hands”. Similarly, the message of World Harmony Day is that “World Peace also in Your Hands”.

The design of Suntec City was inspired by the mandala to create harmony and attract good fortune. World Harmony Day was not inspired by human endeavor but by a calling from above. (200220022002 Is A Calling). To hold the event in Suntec City is only natural as the perfect circle of the Fountain signifies unending completeness and unity. This is what World Harmony Day is all about – achieving harmony and unity for Peace to prevail. When we embarked on this impossible mission our only aim was to send the message out to the world at large. It never crossed our mind that we could mark 200220022002 as a symbolic day that could become a Catalyst for Change.

We were hosting World Harmony Day not because we were ambitious and thought that we could do it on our own knowing our limited resources, but because Suntec’s bosses called us through the journalist who had interviewed my daughter. Their belief in our cause and their total support further cemented our belief that the whole project was inspired by above…

When this great opportunity was given to us, I had no choice but to seize it. Of course, it was going to be a very tough journey, with Chinese New Year just around the corner and only less than two weeks to make it all happen. But with faith, there is nothing in this world we could not conquer with true spirit.

On that evening a journalist from Channel News Asia asked me: if no one turned up would I consider this day a failure? I said no. The size of the crowd was not our central concern. We just wanted to do a good job on that night then let everyone’s spirits rise and subsequently let everyone enjoy themselves.

Later, after seeing about 300 people on that night (300 candles given away) the journalist held my hand tightly and she said that World Harmony Day was a great success. The fountain manager who had been so worried was a different man on that night. When I gave my hand to him, he held it tightly like telling me I had done a great job. To me, this was a sign that only good things can happen if we maintained the spirit.

It is so beautiful when you see right in front of you, almost 300 folks, all strangers gathered for a completely unselfish desire for greater peace and understanding. Their motives were so pure. We seemed to be connected spiritually because without giving instructions to one another we seemed to know our duty on that night.

For example, after the 2 minutes Peace Silence, someone automatically knocked the gong. When it was time to walk around the ‘Unity Ring’ in the center of the fountain, someone just came to me shouting “Sunflower you must stand behind Mr. Wong Ah Long from Suntec City”, and he handed us the two biggest yellow candles. Isn’t he sweet, thoughtful and caring? And before this, he bought five copies of the day’s Newspapers for me because of the pictures of my daughter and I. He even wanted to paste the report all around the fountain. I told him the manager would be upset if he did it. (News and Articles on World Harmony Day)

All the candles created an ambiance of romance, with water flowing from the 72 nozzles on the fountain ring, cascading inwards to a receiving pool at the fountain base, the ‘heart’ of the fountain was just overwhelming. (To the Chinese, water symbolizes wealth and this inward flow of the water symbolizes the ‘retention of wealth’.) A central vertical jet then shoots up from the center of the receiving pool to a height of 30 meters, while four perimeter water jets reach a height of 8 meters. The laser show began and beamed its message on an 18-meter wide water screen springing from the center of the Fountain with the words “World Harmony Day – 200220022002 in Search for Peace”. In short, it is just magical. It was so inspirational when we walked in a line to the Fountain’s inner ring to touch the lucky waters and make a wish (What I had wished for?)

When Amran sang “Imagine” by John Lennon, everyone was captivated by the lyrics – “Imagine all the people living life in peace” (Yoko Ono’s Peace Billboard) The Bushmen sang Bob Marley song ‘One Love’. Becky and Colin followed after with many more inspiring songs. We were so thrilled that we wished this night would never end. The feelings we experienced on World Harmony Day money cannot buy, everyone was thanking each other and we were all shaking hands like we were VIPs.

Thank you for being with us wherever you may be. Let’s hope that on next year’s World Harmony Day we can all be together in the same spirit in order to carry on the legacy of the first World Harmony Day. On that night we took our first small steps towards restoring peace. The next giant step will follow when the leaders of the world believe in it too. It might be a small first step but a very important first small step. Who knows our simple act might snowball into a larger World Harmony Day Peace Silence next year and someday amount to something very important for humanity to achieve peace and harmony.

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World Harmony Day 2002 – Videos

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World Harmony Day 2002 – Photos

The preparations for 2002
– Guests Arrival; Simon and Denise were welcoming the guests to the foyer
– Preparation by the girls and boys who came to help out with the lighting of the candles.
– Mr. Wong Ah Long from Suntec City gracing the occasion and suggested to us to walk around the Unity Ring Fountain and make our wish

– Speech by Sunflower; Objective of World Harmony Day
– The people are ONE, United in Spirit
– Sarbjit Singh Gill giving his speech About Change.

2 minutes Peace Silence
– Lighting the candles for the two minute Peace Silence
– Observing the 2 minutes of silence

The “Make a Wish” Ceremony
– Lining up to walk round Unity Ring
– Going to the Unity Ring
– Waiting for their turn. This two brothers with another later, rushed down from Jurong to join us.
– Touching the water at the Unity Ring for their wish to come true
– Together in one spirit and one purpose in mind… Peace for the World

– Greta Georges joined in with a song “WHAT’S GOING ON”
– The people enjoying themselves with the entertainment
– I found a young Sunflower. This girl said that Peace is in her Heart.
– Syed Mahdzar and Bushmen sang Bob Marley’s One Love.
– Beckey and Colin Jimbo sang more inspiring songs.
– Amran with the Pianist. He sang “Imagine” by John Lennon

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World Harmony Day 2002 – Sunflower Chong’s Speech

World Harmony Day
200220022002 – A Catalyst for Change

Fountain of Wealth – Fountain of Peace
If we understand this majestic fountain to be the palm of a hand, we can see that all great things start with it. At the center of this palm, we generate hope and the spirit of harmony.

It is significant than that we begin our quest to drive the spirit of world harmony here at Suntec City, the heart of the “Lion City” – Singapore.

This World Harmony Day and its corresponding website www.worldharmonyday.com is a fine example of the collaborative spirit of ASEAN. Sarjit Singh Gill is a Malaysian, Hatmadita Ramuny an Indonesia, Deo Virtucio a Philippino, Greta Georges my beloved daughter is a Singaporean and the hidden spirit that helps drive myself, Sunflower Chong, is Miss Nazirah Hussain – a Malaysian. The key driving force behind these two women is a Scotsman: our mysterious angel Steve Clark.

The human dynamics is this collaboration is a clear sign that ASEAN must integrate with the West to work together in order to build a better world. (Kissinger warns US)

Without the collaborators’ belief and trust in the mother and daughter team, the World Harmony Day website would never have seen the light of day. My daughter and I thank them for their loyalty and unquestioning support for our cause to uplift humanity.

Most importantly we have to thank the Suntec’s City executive personnel for their support and their provision of a venue for World Harmony Day – 200220022002.

Thank you, Friends of the World, for being with us this evening.

I would like to introduce myself.

I was born with a strong mind,
The heart of a lion,
The beauty of a woman,
And the name of a flower,

I am Sunflower Chong, an ordinary Singaporean with an extraordinary dream to enhance Worldwide Unity with love and care by understanding people’s needs.

Allow me to read these few lines from one of my poem (see also my other Poems from sunflower profile):

God, I am not,
But an expression and a gift of God

Saint I am not,
Nor a Saint would I try to be

An ordinary being I am,
Born with qualities true

To work for my country’s needs
And the aspirations of its people

At times I am not what you see or think I am
With time I hope you all will understand me.
Well, what does my country need after Sept 11?

My country needs World Peace to allow its people to carry on with their normal everyday lives and to bring happiness to their families.

They need to achieve their own peace with an open mind. They need to remember why we are all here – To live in love and happiness and not to focus on material wealth.

World Harmony Day – 200220022002 is A Catalyst for such a Change and we will lead them to the path of Harmony.

What do we need to change after Sept 11?

Firstly, we need to change our old mindset and adopt a new attitude towards human relations.

Secondly: Education – From this day on, we should make a promise to ourselves and to our children that violence shall no longer be the tool we engage to solve the conflict.

Instead, the lesson learned from Sept 11 should be to focus on the root cause of our problems – education and the lack of it in many corners of our world.

There is an urgent need to address this problem by creating a mechanism to build up funds for education (Hotel PT HII / PT HYPERLINK “http://www.worldharmonyday.com/events_whd2002_speeches_sunflower.php”NatourHYPERLINK “http://www.worldharmonyday.com/events_whd2002_speeches_sunflower.php” redevelopment in Jakarta, Indonesia)

For a short time after the Sept 11 attacks, the world seemed like one big family. Let’s strive to keep that feeling of unity alive. We must take good care of one another in order to maintain a balanced world. We need to do this simply because we don’t have a choice – there is no other way.

Education will build greater understanding among nations and people.
Education that emphasizes on our similarities and not at our differences.

In short World Harmony Day reminds all of us not to take Peace for granted. Everyone has a duty to keep the world safe for the sake of future generations. By endorsing this 2-minutes Peace Silence on 200220022002, we are sending a powerful message that we support peaceful conflict resolution and reject violence.

With your presence here tonight you have all spoken with one unified voice and we hope that one day soon the whole world will speak with that same voice.

Thank you


World Harmony Day 2002 – Greta George’s Speech

Maintaining Harmony in Relationships

Relationships- 1) mother and daughter, 2) Friends 3) Neighbors 4) Strangers

How do you build harmony?
–Tolerance, Learn, Know, Accept, Appreciate.
–Start to build and embrace great diversity
–Or start a family

Today there are many people who are inter-racially married.
-Common sight for this generation
-Through books, magazines, movies and real life – becoming more global and universal
-Interaction between people of different races

Young generation we like to be different – Hair color

– create and identity
– make a stand
– doesn’t change who you are
– pink , purple , green all the colors of the rainbow
– not bad , only damages your hair

Similarly, God created man –colors of the rainbow

Stop choosing to see each other as separate.
This has been said many times before.
We choose not to see we choose to turn a blind eye
We choose not to feel we choose to shut our hearts

Are you satisfied with a world which differences, not similarities are honored and disagreements are settled by conflict and war?

I ask you to hear this, to listen, to believe when I say this or sing this

Bob Marley, Emaciate yourselves from mental slavery

Human beings have many differences but so many more similarities

For 2 mins then why not longer.
Thank you


World Harmony Day 2002 – Sarbjit Singh Gill’s Speech

From the perspective of a layman, this is what Sunflower is all about.

  1. She is a visionary (and a damn good one)
  2. She has been working on a few construction/real estate projects from which she will stand to gain US$50 million dollars? Her visionary talent is put to good use in developing the designs for the architectural structure that will house these projects.

The money will be invested in an elaborate ASEAN youth education system to
prevent them from becoming fundamentalists in the future. Education is the
best way to prevent extreme behavior based on race/religion and culture.

This mission was first hatched many years ago when Sunflower lived in the
The Middle East. The events and an unfolding picture of international fundamentalism following Sept 11 only served to underline the urgency of the need for such an education system.

  1. Sept 11 (9-11) interrupted her plans. The projects somehow got delayed, some canceled and some postponed and the whole economy was affected.
  2. She realized that for these projects to bear fruit and therefore gain the
    money needed for the ASEAN education centers; she must first work for
    world peace. That’s why she started work on World Harmony Day.
  3. World Harmony Day calls for all nations to do their part to restore peace. It calls for everyone on the planet to do their part and simply pray for peace.

Everybody should do their part towards peace starting from their brothers and sisters, their community, their country and of course the world they share with 6.5 billion other human beings.

Thank you


History of World Harmony Day

“All that it takes for evil to triumph is for good people to do nothing.” – Sir Edmund Burke

World Harmony Day was started on 20 February (02) 2002 by my daughter, Greta Georges and I directly after the devastation of the September 11 World Trade Center incident in New York, America that shook the world and left it in fear and terror grappling helplessly for some semblance of security and safety.

In the midst of helping to facilitate a US$500 million architectural project in Indonesia, Jakarta (Hotel PT HII / PT HYPERLINK “http://worldharmonyday.com/images/architecture/ASEAN_page3.jpg”NatourHYPERLINK “http://worldharmonyday.com/images/architecture/ASEAN_page3.jpg” redevelopment in Jakarta, Indonesia) that if successful would generate US$30 million for the ASEAN Education’s Fund, the September 11 incident took place right in front of my eyes as I watched on television the devastation that two planes colliding into the New York city, World Trade Center buildings caused. In an instant of immediate perception, I knew the far-reaching implications and reverberations of fear, terror, and confusion that this horrific act of terrorism would cause around the world. There was the imminent danger that economies around the world would recoil at such violence and spiral down into a recession.

I saw that my project in Jakarta would be indefinitely put on hold in view of the attack. Yet what caused my more anguish and sorrow was how America and the world would respond to the attack. Ever so intuitive and in touch with the collective psyche of the world, I knew that Americans would emerge from their swirl of negative and powerful emotions calling for vengeance and retaliation and that the Bush administration would definitely call for an all-out bombardment of Afghanistan, the home of the terrorist. What I saw was more loss of innocent lives. I saw innocent lives lost, villages being destroyed, families torn apart by the impending war.

Upon the aftermath of the impregnation of the native soil of America, countries around the globe fearing an attack on their own native soil began to polarize the situation into the good guys which were themselves and the bad guys which were the terrorists. Drastic actions were taken around the world to prevent such an attack.

Suddenly, the external chaos, confusion, and fear became my internal reality as I cried for the people who died on that fateful day of September 11, their families and friends and for the people who would soon die in Afghanistan. Some around the world began to ask if vengeance and retaliation was the appropriate response. Would two wrongs make one right? I was among those who asked. My compassionate and loving heart told me that there was a higher way, a harmonious way to live. From the deepest fiber of my soul, I felt impelled to action. I began to call up and write to world leaders around the world urging them to seek a peaceful solution to this totally unforeseen crisis. Few responded to my urging.

With much of a confused and frightened nation behind him, President George Bush called for an out all attack of Afghanistan. Soon newspapers were filled with the progress of the bombardment, and journalist came back from the country with reports of the devastation that were meted on the country. There were peace protest around the world and alas also people calling for a war on terror. It is not wrong for the American government to go all out war against the terrorists but I felt for the world sake it is more important to understand the root cause of the world problem. And I strongly believed Palestine is the root cause of the world problem (What Rabbi HYPERLINK “http://www.worldharmonyday.com/articles_jews.php”MordechiHYPERLINK “http://www.worldharmonyday.com/articles_jews.php” HYPERLINK “http://www.worldharmonyday.com/articles_jews.php”WebermanHYPERLINK “http://www.worldharmonyday.com/articles_jews.php” said). As long as the Palestinians issue is not resolved the world can forget about world peace and harmony.

Having dedicated my life to bringing about a vision of architecture to unite the people of Asia for peace, love, and harmony. Having rallied governments to create a new architecture that would reflect the changing values of the people of Asia from five sensory materialism to that of a multi-sensory spirituality that would successfully and fruitfully anchor a people’s sense of identity firmly in architecture and face much cynicism, criticism, and opposition to my ideas and vision. I am now at another of the crossroad of my life. With the initiative of my daughter, Greta Georges, both of us decided that there had to have a voice for world harmony. World Harmony Day was thus born as a result of our decision on 20 February (02) 2002 after much struggle and overcoming many roadblocks. 300 people attended the event in Singapore and the event was an overwhelming success. World Harmony Day continued in 2003, 2004 and finally this year in 2005.

Love, light, peace, harmony, and unity,

Sunflower Chong
Founder, World Harmony Day


World Harmony Day 2002 – News / Articles

World Harmony Day 2002 – Yahoo News Singapore

Yahoo News Singapore (Channel News Asia), 30 January 2002

Wednesday, January 30, 8:27 PM
Singaporean organises World Harmony Day on 20 Feb 2002

A Singaporean wants to make her proposal of a ‘World Harmony Day’ on 20 Feb 2002 at 2002 hours (8.02 pm) a worldwide event, where everyone will join in a two-minute observance in the name of peace. Greta Georges’ mission is to get the world to join hands as one, for two minutes, in prayer and reflection.

Ms. Georges said: “September 11 as a cliche as it sounds, was a wake-up call and highlighted other issues around the world, you have the Israeli-Palestinian problem, India, and Pakistan, and then you have all the other problems around the world.”

It all started last November when Ms. Georges and her mother met a monk, and they bounced the idea around of a ‘World Harmony Day’.

Since then, she got the help of friends to help out with her website at www.worldharmonyday.com

Thay also sent letters to everyone you could think of and received hundreds of replies from people and organisations.

Replies also came from the Prime Minister’s office in New Zealand, Great Britain, France and even from the United Nations – all supporting her cause.

Ever wonder why February 20 was chosen as ‘World Harmony Day’?

The organisers said the date 20 February 2002 and the time 2002 hours (8.02 pm) come just once in a lifetime and therefore holds special significance – 2002 2002 2002.

Right now, Ms Georges is working to get local support for ‘World Harmony Day’, hoping to get a venue like the Padang for the event.


World Harmony Day 2002 – New Paper (Singapore)


http://www.worldharmonyday.com/events_whd2002_articles_zaobao.php (missing)


World Harmony Day 2002 – Guardian (UK)

The Guardian, London
Do geese see God?

Today’s date – 20.02.2002 – is a palindrome, meaning it reads the
same backward as it does forwards. Mark Oliver discovers that the fun doesn’t end there.

Mark Oliver
Wednesday February 20, 2002
The Guardian

Palindromic years occur normally only once in 110 years (as in 1661,1771). However, at the end of each millennium, the gap is only 11 years, instead of 110, so we had a palindromic year in 1991 and again in 2002 but there will not be another one until 2112. We are, though, the only generation between the Norman conquest and the year 3000 to experience two palindromic years within a normal lifetime. So if you’re looking for a reason to party today, why not raise a glass and say (palindromically): “Lager, sir, is regal.”

Most sources credit Sotades the Obscene of Maronea with inventing literary palindromes in Greek-ruled Egypt, way back in the 3rd century BC. Indeed, palindromes were once known as “Sotadic verses”. But Sotades was probably feeling less of a smarty-pants when one of his verses insulted King Ptolemy II, who had him, wrapped in lead and thrown into the sea. Reports the King said: “Try reversing that one, pal,” are unsubstantiated. Perhaps fortunately for our palindromists, English rude words are more resistant to reversal than their Greek equivalents. Although you may be impressed by, “sex at noon taxes”. As a pastime, you don’t need many kits for creating palindromes, just writing materials, and a mirror, if you want to get a bit professional.

The Palindromist magazine, based in Portland, Oregon, argues that “great palindromes are works of art, and their authors deserve all of the fame and ridicule they can get” and seeks to accredit the writers of known palindromes. Leigh Mercer was such a celebrated palindromist, perhaps most lauded for this 1914 classic: “A man, a plan, a canal Panama!” Dating further back is this cheeky little number by John Taylor from 1614: “Lewd did I live, & evil I did dwell.” Or if you want to go all modern, check out: “Men, I’m Eminem.” You would be surprised at the inventiveness of these palindrome types. One website features the premise for a short film with all the dialogue in palindromes. It’s by a Mike Clelland of Driggs, adopts the road movie genre and is a pretty good effort even if the characters do say “wow” a lot.

On the subject of today’s date, they are getting quite excited in Singapore, where “palindrome activists” are devoting the auspicious day to world harmony and peace and are urging people to hold a minute’s silence at 8.02pm (12.02 GMT).

Greta Georges, 20, was inspired by the date and moved by the events of September 11 to do something “to remind people not to take peace for granted”. So her mother and a friend called Sunflower Chong have set up a website called www.worldharmonyday.com and have lobbied the UN, several Prime Ministers, the mayor of New York and Irish singer Bono to help them spread the word. So far none have responded.

However, a Singapore shopping mall has agreed to host a World Harmony Day ceremony for the two women, who plan to give speeches, light candles and play John Lennon’s Imagine around the mall’s Fountain of Wealth, which is a tourist attraction in Singapore.

Alas though, for our friends in the US, today’s date is 02.20.2002, so they are missing out on all the revelry. If palindromes are not clever-clever enough for you, then you could check out ambigrams, or “inversions”, a word or words that can be read in more than one way or from more than a single vantage point, such as both right side up and upside down. The website, ambigram.com, has a gallery section with some of the more successful attempts at ambigrams (a pursuit often facilitated by using a stylised font). The examples include such words as noon and the trade name Oxo plus phrases such as No x in Nixon. “Pod” and “dip” come to mind, and “mew”.

Guardian Unlimited (c) Guardian Newspapers Limited 2002


World Harmony Day 2002 – Yoko Ono’s Peace Billboard


Please help us to contact Miss Yoko Ono,
Mr. Hans Zimmer, and Mr. Gabriel Byrne to support World Harmony Day 20th Feb 2003.
Dear friends of the world,

I urgently need your help to pass this World Harmony Day message to Mr. Gabriel Byrne, who I believe will be very interested to support our aspirations for “World Peace”.

By chance, I read an article in People magazine,

“Yoko Ono has turned down all but one or two requests for the rights to record John Lennon’s “Imagine” for promotional purposes. But she will let Amnesty International uses her husband’s peace anthem for free in a two-year human rights education campaign that begins Dec.10. Under the direction of composer Hans Zimmer, a children’s choir will record the song as a single later this year for use in a music video and public service announcement. Longtime Amnesty supporter Gabriel Byrne secured the rights when he met Ono at a party about six months ago. The Irish actor got the idea to use a children’s choir after hearing a stirring rendition at his niece’s graduation.

“Imagine” is a prayer for “World Peace,” says Ono who must approve the final recording. “It will mean so much to today’s world for children to sing this song to us.”

When I marked WHD on 20-02-2002 at 20:02 I wanted children singing John Lennon’s “Imagine” but could not find a children’s choir at such short notice. Now with this new knowledge that someone out there is trying to do what I had wanted to do for World Peace, I see it as a sign from Almighty God that World Harmony Day 20 Feb 2003 will be a reality with the support of Mr. Gabriel Byrne. I can try to contact Gabriel Byrne but I have no choice but to ask you’re great help to pass this message to him. Do you think you could reach him on our behalf and convince him to help the world not to take peace for granted?

I am prepared to pass this special baby to Amnesty International for them to carry this responsibility, as it is too heavy for my shoulders now. My objective is to find a way to collect funds for education and this World Harmony Day website will be an ideal tool to do so. It will be a great idea to sell this new song worldwide and the profits made should be donated to a special fund for education.

Thank you for your help.
Sunflower Chong

NB: Please help us to spread this message to whoever you believe will be interested in promoting our cause.



Imagine there’s no heaven,
It’s easy if you try,
No hell below us,
Above us only sky,
Imagine all the people
living for today…
Imagine there’s no countries,
It isn’t hard to do,
Nothing to kill or die for,
No religion too,
Imagine all the people
living life in peace…
Imagine no possessions,
I wonder if you can,
No need for greed or hunger,
A brotherhood of man,
Imagine all the people
Sharing all the world…
You may say I’m a dreamer,
but I’m not the only one,
I hope someday you’ll join us,
And the world will live as one.

– John Lennon

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